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Frequently Asked Questions for Student Recitals

Who is required to perform a Senior Recital?

All students in the B.S. and B.Mus. programs, as well as students in the Performance and Jazz Studies concentrations of the B.A.

What is required or expected in a recital?

Students in the B.A. Performance and Jazz Studies concentrations as well as students in the the B.Mus. program are required to perform a solo recital in their last year of study. These recitals should consist of a minimum of 50 minutes of music, and should follow the guidelines published by each area of study.

Students in the B.S. in Music Education program are also required to perform a solo recital in the last year of study. Due to the rigorous course demands of Music Education degree, these solo recitals should consist of a minimum of 25 minutes of music.

When should I schedule my recital?

Students should begin thinking about their recital date in the semester before they will give the recital. The Department Office generally creates three recital dates for each semester, and the dates and times are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Students should complete the Recital Application Form (available from the Department Office), after consulting with their applied teacher, family, and the department concert schedule.

What is the Level IV Examination?

A student must pass the Level IV Examination before presenting a Senior Recital or required Junior Recital. The Level IV exam typically takes place six weeks before the recital, but not less than four weeks before it. The student should be able to demonstrate competency on the program, and clearly demonstrate that the recital can be presented by the scheduled date. The student must provide printed programs and be prepared to answer brief questions about their repertoire. All accompanists and ensemble members MUST be present. Level IV Examinations are held on a regular basis each semester, and are scheduled by the Department Office, based on the recital date. A faculty jury will determine the outcome of the Jury (pass, pass with conditions, or repeat). Students in the Jazz Studies Concentration as well as Music Education students whose instrument is in the jazz area have specific requirements.

How is my recital graded?

Your applied teacher grades the recital; however, two full-time faculty members are required to be in attendance to serve as a Faculty Jury. You must obtain signatures from these faculty members on the Recital Application Form. The purpose of the faculty jury is to resolve grade disputes as well as monitor the overall quality of recitals in the Department.

Can I record my recital?

Required recitals are recorded for the departmental archives, and the recordings become the property of the Department. Contact the Department Office for information about obtaining a copy of your recital recording.

Do I have to pay for anything?

The Music Department will pay for the expenses incurred by required recitals. You must pay fees for non-required recitals (that can be shared by two people presenting a joint recital, for instance) including accompanist fees.

What about accompaniment?

Most students need to have an accompanist(s). The department will pay the cost of an accompanist for required recitals only. The student presenting the recital must pay the accompanist for non-required recitals.

What about receptions?

You are welcome to have a reception following your recital. However, receptions are not allowed in either the Music Building or Southwick.

May I give a non-required recital?

Yes. Many students present non-required recitals. Non-required recitals must be sponsored by the student's lesson teacher (Please note that required recitals receive scheduling priority). Students giving non-required recitals are responsible for providing their own programs, posters, recordings, etc. Please contact the Department Office for more information.


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