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Department of Music and Dance

Music Faculty and Staff

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Department Chair and StaffJazz Studies
D. Thomas Toner, Department ChairPaul Asbell, guitar
Kelly Dutra, Department AdministratorJoe Capps, guitar
Andrea Aquino, Admin AssistantTom Cleary, piano
Bert Crosby, Sound/Light Technician
Amber deLaurentis Cleary, voice
 Steve Ferraris, conga/djembe
Woodwinds Patricia Julien, arranging/history
Nadine Carpenter, oboe Andy Moroz, trombone
Gerald Lanoue, bassoon John Rivers, bass
Anne Janson, flute Jeff Salisbury, drumset
Steven Klimowski, clarinet Alex Stewart, improvisation/history
Michael Zsoldos, saxophone Ray Vega, trumpet

Michael Zsoldos, saxophone
Alan Parshley, horn Music History, Theory & Composition
Ray Vega, trumpet David Feurzeig, theory/composition
C. Robert Wigness, trombone/tuba Patricia Julien, theory

Sylvia Parker, theory
Percussion Alan Parshley, theory
Steve Ferraris, conga/djembe Wayne Schneider, history
Jeff Salisbury, drumset Clyde Stats, history
D. Thomas Toner, percussion Alex Stewart, world music
Strings Music Education
John Mantegna, classical guitar Patricia Riley, educational methods
Suzanne Polk, cello Yutaka Kono, conducting, technology
Evelyn Read, violin/viola
Heidi Soons, harp Ensembles
William Tilley, bass Joe Capps, jazz combo
  Tom Cleary, jazz combo
Yutaka Kono, orchestra
Amber deLaurentis Cleary, jazz voice David Neiweem, choirs
Sarah Cullins, voice Alan Parshley, wind ensemble
David Neiweem, voice Evelyn Read, chamber music
  Jeff Salisbury, percussion ensemble
Keyboard D. Thomas Toner, concert band
Tom Cleary, jazz piano Alex Stewart, jazz ensemble
David Neiweem, organ Ray Vega, jazz combo
Paul Orgel, piano
Sylvia Parker, piano