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Make music with inspiring surroundings

Musicians know that environment matters when working on their craft. For that reason alone, studying music at UVM — with its historic campus set in the Champlain Valley amidst looming mountain ranges and a picturesque lake — offers an unmatched creative and educational playground.

Teaching facilities

The Music Department's teaching facility is housed entirely in the Southwick Music Complex, and includes modern practice and teaching facilities, a Piano Lab, a Music Technology Lab, a recording studio, and a Music Library. There you create and study along with other musicians and music mentors. The Southwick Music Complex is located on Redstone Campus — one of five smaller "campuses" within the UVM campus, all within close proximity to each other (just several minutes walk apart).

Performance facilities

Ira Allen Chapel, named for the founder of the University, is a 900-seat performance space built by in 1925 and designed by the firm of McKim, Mead and White. The chapel is located on the green of the main campus and is one of Burlington's most prominent landmarks and a superb performance hall.

The Southwick Music Complex also houses the 300-seat Recital Hall and the Southwick Ballroom which are used for classes, rehearsals and performances.

In addition, there are several inspirational and more intimate spaces on campus where we offer performances, including the Billings Library, built by H.H. Richardson, the John Dewey Lounge, with its magnificent stained glass windows, and the Fleming Museum.

Practice facilities

We have 11 private practice rooms with upright or baby grand pianos. The rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis to UVM community members regardless of major. You do not have to sign out a room or get permission to use it; if it's open, you may go in and practice.

We also have private practice rooms with an electronic drumset and baby grand pianos that are available to students taking lessons with professor approval.

Instrument Storage

Lockers are available for music majors, music minors, ensemble members, and students taking private lessons. Please visit the department office for details, or speak to your ensemble leader.

Performance instruments

Performing instruments include Steinway and Yamaha concert grand pianos, a Fisk organ, a complete battery of percussion instruments, and a French double harpsichord by Tourin. Teaching and practice instruments include pianos by Steinway, Yamaha and Boston, and organs by Brombaugh.

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