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On-Campus Audition Days for Fall 2018 Applicants

  • Saturday, October 28, 2017 (for Early Action candidates)
  • Saturday, January 27, 2018
  • Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Friday, March 23, 2018 (for transfer students

Questions about audition dates, or any part of the audition process? Please check the FAQ or contact us!

All applicants to the B.A. in Music or the B.S. in Music Education (except concentrators in Music Business and Technology) must pass an Entrance (Level II) Audition to be accepted as a music major at UVM. You may audition on-campus at one of our Audition Days, or you may audition by CD or video.

1. Apply to the University

Visit the UVM Admissions page for more information.

Current UVM students, or students admitted for the Fall 2017 term, may schedule an Entrance Audition at the beginning or end of each semester. Please contact us for more information.

2. Arrange your audition

Live Auditions:

Live auditions are preferred, and are required for students wishing to be considered for departmental scholarships. Prospective students should schedule an in-person entrance audition on one of our on-campus audition dates (see box to the right) by completing an online Audition Request form. Students should be prepared to perform at least two solo pieces, etudes, sonatas, jazz standards, or other technical exercises that demonstrate their level of technical ability and musicality (see Entrance Audition requirements by instrument).

Before your audition, please download, complete, and print the Audition Application Form. NOTE: This form requires a letter of recommendation from a music teacher. Bring the completed form and attached recommendation letter with you to your audition. If you are using a Mac, please Save as PDF.

Auditions usually take place in 15-minute timeslots between 10:00 AM and noon. We will send you a confirmation of your request once it has been received. About a week before your audition, we will send you an email with your final timeslot.

You will perform your audition for a small panel of our full-time faculty. After you play for about 10 minutes, you'll have a chance to ask the faculty any questions you have about the music program. When you're finished with your audition, you may join our music student volunteers for a tour of the music facilities, take a campus tour through the Admissions office, or attend a concert on campus later that evening. We will send audition results to you and to the UVM Admissions Office on the Monday after your audition.

Pre-recorded Auditions:

While live auditions are preferred (and required for students wishing to be considered for departmental scholarships), if a campus visit is not possible, prospective students may submit a video or audio recording of their Entrance (Level II) Audition. Here's how:

  1. Prepare the video or audio recording using the specific Entrance (Level II) audition requirements for your instrument/voice.
    • Your audition pieces must be played on the instrument which you intend to be your primary instrument in your music studies.
    • Please use MP3, MP4 or AAC for audio; or MOV, MP4, or MPG for video.
    • Digitally produced or edited pieces are unacceptable.
  2. Download and complete the Audition Application Form. NOTE: This form requires at least one letter of recommendation from a music teacher. If you are using a Mac, please Save as PDF. Please double check that your PDF has saved with your information before sending it to us.
  3. Submit your files using UVM's File Transfer Service (
    • When asked if you are a UVM affiliate, select "No" and then "Share files".
    • Fill in the next page as follows:

      From: [your e-mail address]
      Subject: [Your Name] - Pre-recorded Audition

    • Drag and drop files into the Attachments: field or choose files from your computer by selecting "Add File". Please include your audio/video file(s), completed Audition Application Form, and letter of recommendation.
    • When you are finished, select "Share Files". Click here to see a screenshot. We will send you a confirmation email when we have successfully received your files.
  4. Instead of uploading your recording, you may instead send us a link to your recording hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or similar. Please use the file transfer service as described above to send us your Audition Application Form and letter of recommendation.

Deadlines for sending recordings:

  • November 1: Early Action applicants
  • March 1: for Regular applicants
  • May 1: for Transfer applicants (for Fall semester)

PLEASE NOTE: If you apply to UVM as a music major, you must complete an Entrance (Level II) Audition before the Admissions Office will review your application. Please contact us for more information.

Music Technology/Business Majors

As of Fall 2016, applicants to the B.A. in Music with a concentration in Technology and Business may enter the major without first passing the Level II Audition. You must still pass the Level II eventually, and must do so before undertaking your Senior Project or Internship in Technology/Business.

You may take the Level II audition as early as you like, to get it out of the way! But if you are not prepared to pass the audition at this time, you can still declare the Music Technology/Business major to begin taking major-only classes. We strongly encourage that you enroll in private lessons (MUL 074) each semester in order to prepare for the Level II.

If you declare the major in Technology/Business, and decide to transfer to another concentration such as Jazz Studies or Theory/Composition, you must pass the Level II Audition before declaring that change in concentration.

Your faculty advisor and private lesson instructor can answer any questions you have about preparing for the audition. You may also contact the music office at any time.

Audition FAQs

What if I cannot make any of the scheduled audition dates?

Please contact us and we will do our best to find an audition date that works for you and the faculty.

How do I audition if I am already a UVM student?

Current UVM students may schedule an Entrance Audition on one of the designated Audition Days or at the beginning or end of each semester. Please contact us for more information. You must pass the Entrance Audition before you can declare music as your major.

Is an audition required for music minors?

No, music minors are NOT required to take an Entrance (Level II) Audition. Minors may be required to pass an informal audition (Level I) for private lessons, which is scheduled directly through the private lesson instructor. Requirements for passing a Level I vary from teacher to teacher.

What does "primary instrument" mean?

While music majors are encouraged to study and play multiple instruments at UVM, you must choose one primary instrument. This will be the one on which you do your Entrance Audition, end-of-semester playing exams, yearly performance recitals, and Senior Recital.

I will need accompaniment during my audition - how does that work?

We will provide an accompanist during your audition - one of our professors of classical piano, jazz piano, or jazz guitar. You can mail us photocopies of your sheet music/charts, e-mail scanned PDFs to Andrea through the file transfer service as described above, or bring sheet music/charts to your audition and the accompanist will sight-read.

You may also bring a recorded accompaniment track on your iPod/MP3 player/phone/other device - just let us know ahead of time if you will be using one.

I wasn't able to get a letter of recommendation from my music teacher in time! What do I do?

The teacher can mail or e-mail the letter directly to us.

If you submitted your music teacher's letter of recommendation as part of your UVM application, please let us know so that we can retrieve it from Admissions.

What if I don't pass the audition?

If you don't pass the Entrance Audition, you will not be able to declare the music major at that time. But you may attempt the audition multiple times! Students who do not pass the audition on their first attempt will often take applied lessons with our faculty for one or two semesters to prepare for their next audition attempt.

Prospective students who do not pass the Entrance Audition may still be admitted to UVM in another major, or undeclared, and may retake the audition during their first or second year at UVM.

If you have any questions about auditioning, please e-mail or call (802) 656-2295.

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