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University of Vermont Concert Band Audition Information

University of Vermont Concert Band

Audition Information

We try to accommodate every student who wants to participate in Band, so the audition process is really more of a "placement". However, since the instrumentation of the group needs to be well balanced, occasionally some players (particularly flutes and alto saxes) may not be able to be placed.

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Audition Requirements

1. The following scales (NOT concert scales) in at least 2 octaves if possible:
      • C Major
      • A-flat Major
      • D Major
      • and a chromatic scale of your choice (full octaves only)
2.  Short etude (found below)

Flute PDF
Oboe PDF
Clarinet PDF
Alto ClarinetPDF
Bass Clarinet
Bassoon PDF
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax PDF
Bari. Sax PDF
Trumpet PDF
Horn PDF
Trombone PDF
Baritone (Treble Clef)
Euphonium (Bass Clef)
Tuba PDF

1) This year there is an audio file for your listening pleasure. The etude is basically
the same for all instruments, with modifications for range and technique. Also keep in mind
that this is a MIDI recording, not a person playing!
2) Tempos: first section is about 72 to the quarter, second section is about 92 to the dotted quarter.
3) If notes are outside your range, you may play them up or down an octave.
4) Apologies to those flutes and oboes who auditioned with this piece two years ago....

Should you have any problems, e-mail Dr. Toner.

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