Program Requirements

Choose the advising form that coincides with the year you started at UVM

MMG Advising Form 2010/2011

MMG Advising Form 2011/2012

MMG Advising Form 2012/2013

MMG Advising Form 2013/2014

MMG Advising Form 2014-2015

MMG Advising Form 2015-2016

MMG Advising Form 2016-2017

Undergraduate Research and Internship Forms

Undergraduate Research Proposal Cover Sheet 2015, MMG 197/198 or 297/298

Internship Guidelines, MMG295B/296B

Assessment – Learning Goals for Microbiology and Molecular Genetics majors

Microbiology Learning Goals 2016

Molecular Genetics Learning Goals 2016

Possible Microbiology or Molecular Genetics Course Schedule

The following is intended only as an example – MMG Options during the 3rd & 4th years may not be offered in a particular year


  • What our students have to say...

    MMG has provided me with phenomenal advising, individual attention, a challenging and engaging curriculum, diverse course offerings, and relevant hands-on learning. I transferred into MMG in my sophomore year and was immediately blown away by the quality of the courses and personalized advising from my professors. I was able to take so many fascinating classes for my majors and there were still other classes I wish I had had the time to take. I feel that the academic rigor, curriculum content, and advising in MMG has helped prepare me to be successful in medical school and as a doctor. I am extremely grateful for the education that I have received through MMG and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

    Ellen (Double major in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics), graduated 2016