Program Requirements

Choose the advising form that coincides with the year you started at UVM

Undergraduate Advising Form 2007/2008

Undergraduate Advising Form 2008/2009

Undergraduate Advising Form 2009/2010

Undergraduate Advising Form 2010/2011

Undergraduate Advising Form 2011/2012

Undergraduate Advising Form 2012/2013

Undergraduate Advising Form 2013/2014


Undergraduate Research and Internship Forms

Undergraduate Research Proposal Cover Sheet 2013, MMG 197/198 or 297/298

Internship Guidelines, MMG295B/296B


Possible Microbiology or Molecular Genetics Course Schedule

The following is intended only as an example – MMG Options during the 3rd & 4th years may not be offered in a particular year


  • What our students have to say...

    I was a transfer student into UVM’s MMG department. The professors and students really tried to make me feel at home and comfortable as though I belonged there. What we learn in our classes are fascinating facts that the professors try to relate to real life. Every day you learn something new and interesting making you want to go to class and excited to learn more. I loved my classes, my favorites being Cloning and Virology, but I think the thing I loved most about the MMG program is the atmosphere. The MMG class size is so small that you end up having the same core group of people in your upper level classes and this makes your friendships with those people very strong. We are basically one large family who all care deeply about each other. The professors and staff actually know who you are and care about you and what is going on outside of the classroom in your life. When my brother was sick all of my professors checked in with me to see how I was holding up and how he was doing. It’s not just a program, its more than that and I am so grateful to have been a member of it.

    Jackie (Double major in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics), graduated 2012