Program Requirements

Choose the advising form that coincides with the year you started at UVM

Undergraduate Advising Form 2007/2008

Undergraduate Advising Form 2008/2009

Undergraduate Advising Form 2009/2010

Undergraduate Advising Form 2010/2011

Undergraduate Advising Form 2011/2012

Undergraduate Advising Form 2012/2013

Undergraduate Advising Form 2013/2014


Undergraduate Research and Internship Forms

Undergraduate Research Proposal Cover Sheet 2013, MMG 197/198 or 297/298

Internship Guidelines, MMG295B/296B


Possible Microbiology or Molecular Genetics Course Schedule

The following is intended only as an example – MMG Options during the 3rd & 4th years may not be offered in a particular year


  • What our students have to say...

    I transferred into the MMG program after taking MMG101 and MMG222 my sophomore year at UVM, and I am now an MMG advocate for life! It may be my inner nerd, but being a student in these courses was a blast. And not because they were easy – they make you work here, seriously. When people ask me why I love MMG so much the answer is very simple: the labs. The student laboratory exercises for MMG courses are a thousand steps up from general chemistry cookie-cutter labs. I looked forward to labs every week, not only because we actually got to do fun experiments, but I learned so much from each individual exercise – I can’t say either of those things are true for other lab courses I’ve taken at UVM. The other main reason why I’m an advocate for MMG is the staff. It’s like a family around here. The professors prefer you call them by their first name and love when you drop by just to chat. The advising teams in MMG are hands down the best. They have your best interests in mind, make sure they know exactly what you want to do with your degree and work next to you every step of the way. The faculty in this department are your best critics and friends, always pushing you to better your performance academically and in life beyond your degree. I am forever proud to be an MMGer.

    Amara (Microbiology), graduated 2012