Program Requirements

Choose the advising form that coincides with the year you started at UVM

Undergraduate Advising Form 2007/2008

Undergraduate Advising Form 2008/2009

Undergraduate Advising Form 2009/2010

Undergraduate Advising Form 2010/2011

Undergraduate Advising Form 2011/2012

Undergraduate Advising Form 2012/2013

Undergraduate Advising Form 2013/2014


Undergraduate Research and Internship Forms

Undergraduate Research Proposal Cover Sheet 2013, MMG 197/198 or 297/298

Internship Guidelines, MMG295B/296B


Possible Microbiology or Molecular Genetics Course Schedule

The following is intended only as an example – MMG Options during the 3rd & 4th years may not be offered in a particular year


  • What our students have to say...

    I could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience, and I owe most of that to the MMG department. It is truly like a family. From the moment I began freshman year in MMG 001 to graduation, I had a great group of friends and incredible mentors to turn to every step of the way. I had the opportunity to take a wide range of classes, study abroad, do three years of undergraduate research culminating in a senior thesis, and participate in a myriad of extracurriculars, while still graduating on time. The classes were challenging, enriching, practical, and rewarding. Although I was only officially assigned one advisor I ended my time at UVM with a department of doors to knock on with questions extending far beyond the classroom. As a recent graduate I feel prepared, both academically and otherwise, to take on whatever lies ahead, whether that be the workforce, graduate school, or life in general. The faculty and staff lie at the heart of MMG and anybody with a passion for science would be foolish to turn them down.

    Kira (Molecular Genetics), graduated 2012