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    Overall, my experience at UVM has been amazing. I have learned a lot in these past four years. As an MMG graduate, I can't help but thank the MMG department for what it has done for me as a whole. This department is relatively small and tight knit community. I knew each one of my professors by name and knew a lot of my other classmates who were MMG majors. This helped me make friends and branch out from my major, knowing that I was not alone. A lot of majors are very constricting and adhere to strict guidelines. But with MMG, I felt as if I was not tied down but could explore other options such as undergraduate research, getting a minor, and looking into extra-curricular activities. I want to thank everyone in the MMG department who has helped me in my undergraduate career. I could not have made it without you! Thanks MMG!

    Sam (Molecular Genetics), graduated 2015
TBA by Teresa Ruiz

Wed May 10th, 2017 at 9:30 AM
HSRF 400