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Whether you're seeking a B.S. or a Ph.D. in Microbiology or Molecular Genetics, you'll find our department has broad research strengths ranging from molecular, structural, and computational biology to cellular and pathogenic microbiology. You will have access to a rich course curriculum and research laboratories where experienced and supportive faculty will guide your research and help you sharpen your scientific communication skills.

Research Interests

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Our research addresses fundamental questions in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell and molecular biology, using the methods of microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and structural biology. This work bears directly on crucial health-related problems such as cancer, AIDS, and infectious disease. Outstanding institutional core facilities provide access to the latest research technologies. The highly collaborative culture of the department is fostered by cross-departmental meetings and journal clubs on a variety of interdisciplinary topics, including DNA repair, parasitology and microbial pathogenesis, and by cross-college consortia such as the Vermont Center for Immunobiology and Infectious Disease.
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Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

The collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of our research programs means that a prospective graduate student is offered a wide choice of research opportunities. While all of our students take the same core curriculum, in their second year they choose to specialize in one of four advanced concentration areas. Our alumni have gone on to become university professors, journal editors and senior scientists and executives in the biotechnology industry. UVM is located in Burlington VT, consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the USA. bamscams
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B.S. in Microbiology or Molecular Genetics

State of the art laboratory courses, one-on-one mentoring

Unique opportunities await students majoring in Microbiology or Molecular Genetics at UVM. Our program is small, which permits our faculty to give each student the individual attention necessary to help them succeed. Our lecture and cutting-edge laboratory courses are challenging and provide each student with a strong foundation and the confidence to work at the bench. The flexibility of our curriculum is such that students can get credit for summer internships or for performing research in one of the many labs at UVM. Small classes foster long lasting camaraderie among our students: MMG'ers are quick to support each other, suggest study tips or point out where to find the best pizza. A student in MMG is never a face in the crowd; our students receive one-on-one mentoring and more often than not end up achieving more than they thought they could.   Learn more » igri dlja devochek