Admissions Information

In the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, graduate students and postdoctoral trainees prepare for scientific careers in a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages innovation and creativity under the guidance of dedicated, conscientious faculty.

Ph.D. students interested in conducting research in the department apply through the Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Program (

The CMB Program ( is an interdisciplinary program with research strengths in the areas of

o Cancer Biology and Genome Stability
o Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis
o Lung and Cardiovascular Biology
o Developmental and Plant Biology
o Structural Biology and Biophysics
o Proteomics and Bioinformatics

  • What our students have to say...

    Burlington, VT promotes academic excellence and personal growth, and UVM has enabled me to explore my interests and identify my passions. The UVM community is comprised of individuals from all over the country and world, which has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to establish a widespread social network of peers in the many degree programs UVM has to offer. I look forward to taking advantage of this network while pursuing my post-graduation endeavors. Initially, after transferring to UVM, I was in the biology program, but after meeting with several professors in the MMG department, I knew that a degree in Microbiology was the perfect suit for me. The MMG department has consistently provided me with the one-on-one advising that I need. The smaller size of the MMG department compared to other departments at UVM ensures that the support you need in any area of your life, not only academic, will be available to you when you need it.

    Tony (Microbiology), graduated 2015