Who do I call …

in the case of an emergency? 9-1-1 (on campus)
in the case of a fire? 9-1-1 (on campus)
in the case of a chemical spill? Call 656-5400 (after business hours: 9-1-1)
in the case of a radioactive spill? Call 656-2570 (after business hours: 9-1-1)
when a coldroom alarm is going off? For non-emergency situations call Service Operstions at 656-2560, for Emergency situations call the UVM Police (on campus) 9-1-1 
for a/v equipment for a seminar/class? Call 656-0253 or 656-4771,  ask for Bruce or Marc
to replace a fluorescent light? Call 656-2560 or request services online
when my lab/office is too hot/cold? Call 656-2560 or request services online
to arrange for custodial services? See Patty Laverty, room 201B
for problems with my fume hood? Call 656-5400

What do I do when

I need dry ice? Check the Biology stockroom (6-0436; free if available),
or the Chemistry stockroom
(6-5794, Cook A-143; purchase with budget number).
I’m locked out of my office? If no one is in the MMG Main Office, call Police Services 656-3473 
My phone line is dead? Call 199 to report the problem. 
Myethernet connection is dead? Contact Chardy St. George at 656-8888 
I need a temporary parking permit for a visitor? Fill out a Visitor Permit Request Form 
I need hazardous waste picked up? Read the Instructions for Hazardous Waste Disposal
I need to hook a new computer up to the UVM network? If you need a new jack connected, fill in the form from Telecommunications. 


shipping packages by ups or fedex information necessary to use shipping services other than the U.S. Postal Service
using the stafford 101 projector directions for PowerPoint presenters and other computer users in Stafford 101

Useful Forms and Documents

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