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  04/25/18 Dr. Junjie Chen Proteomic analysis of DNA damage response and tumorigenesis Dr. David Pederson
  04/11/18 Dr. Blerta Xhemalce Regulation of gene expression by RNA modifications Dr. David Pederson
  04/04/18 Dr. Philipp Oberdoerffer DNA damage within chromatin: break it to shape it Dr. David Pederson
  02/14/18 Dr. Kyle M. Miller The DNA Damage Response: Chromatin and Cancer Dr. David Pederson
  05/10/17 Dr. Teresa Ruiz Unraveling the interaction of an oral pathogen with collagen Dr. Keith Mintz
  04/26/17 Dr. Yiping Han Structure-functional analysis of FadA adhesin from Fusobacterium nucleatum and its role in pregnancy complications and colorectal cancer Dr. Keith Mintz
  04/19/17 Dr. Joseph St. Geme Molecular Determinants of Disease due to Kingella kingae, an Emerging Pediatric Pathogen Dr. Keith Mintz
  04/12/17 Dr. Michael Caparon Membrane stress and toxin regulation in Streptococcus pyogenes Dr. Keith Mintz
  03/29/17 Dr. David Thanassi Understanding and Inhibiting Bacterial Pilus Assembly Dr. Keith Mintz
  03/08/17 Dr. Thomas Silhavy Building a membrane on the other side of the wall Dr. Keith Mintz
  08/18/16 Dr. Jaye C. Gardiner HIV-1 Gag, Envelope, and extracellular determinants cooperate to regulate the stability and turnover of virological synapses Dr. Markus Thali
  05/11/16 Dr. Sheila David Chemistry and Biology of the Repair of Oxidized Guanines: Its all about the Base Dr. Susan Wallace
  05/04/16 Dr. Borden Lacey Structures and functions of the Clostridium difficile toxins Dr. Aimee Shen
  04/27/16 Dr. Judith White Mechanism and Inhibition of Ebola Virus Entry Into Host Cells Dr. Markus Thali
  04/13/16 Dr. Melissa Wong Macrophage-cancer cell fusion potentiates metastatic spread of disease Dr. Markus Thali
  03/30/16 Dr. David Baum Reconsidering the origin of eukaryotes: From the inside-out Dr. Markus Thali
  02/24/16 Dr. Leonid Chernomordik Dissecting of membrane fusion pathways Dr. Markus Thali
  02/10/16 Dr. Brandon Ogbunugafor The evolution of antimicrobial resistance: inside and out, forwards and backwards Dr. Aimee Shen
  09/30/15 Dr. Jun Zhu Vibrio cholerae Genetic Retooling at the Intestinal Interface Dr. Aimee Shen
  02/18/15 Dr. Joseph Sorg Identification of the Clostridium difficile bile acid germinant receptor reveals a novel pathway for spore germination Dr. Aimee Shen
  01/21/15 Dr. Robert Fuchs Damaged DNA Replication: the critical choice between Translesion Synthesis and Damage Avoidance in E. coli. Dr. Sylvie Doublie
  11/12/14 Dr. Bruce Paster The microbial oral "canary in the coal mine" of human disease Dr. Dawei Li
  11/05/14 Dr. Chao Cheng From genomics to biomedical studies: application of integrative analysis Dr. Dawei Li
  10/29/14 Dr. Richard Single Data standards and statistical methods to facilitate meta-analysis of immunogenetic data Dr. Dawei Li
  10/15/14 Dr. James Hudziak Epigenetics and child development Dr. Dawei Li
  10/01/14 Dr. Russell Tracy Merging molecular and genetic epidemiology in the study of cardiovascular disease Dr. Dawei Li
  09/24/14 Dr. Hongyu Zhao Leveraging Diverse Types of Prior Information to Prioritize Genes from Genome Wide Association Studies Dr. Dawei Li
  09/17/14 Dr. Kenneth Kidd Genome variation and health/disease Dr. Dawei Li
  09/10/14 Dr. Melissa Kendall Breaking it down: ethanolamine signaling in enterohemorrhagic E. coli colonization of the GI tract Dr. Aimee Shen
  04/16/14 Dr. Alan Hauser Why Are Some Strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa More Virulent Than Others? Dr. Matt Wargo
  02/19/14 Dr. Robert DeSalle Genomic challenges to the tree of life Dr. Neil Sarkar
  12/04/13 Dr. Gary Mawe From molecules to motion: How inflammation-induced neuroplasticity alters gut motility Dr. Markus Thali
  11/20/13 Dr. Bennett Van Houten Watching DNA repair, one molecule at a time: the use of single molecule techniques to investigate nanomachines. Dr. Susan Wallace
  11/13/13 Dr. Boris Striepen The algal past and parasite present of Toxoplasma and Cryptosporidium Dr. Aimee Shen
  11/06/13 Dr. John MacKenzie Burke Personal Genomics: What I learned from my DNA  
  10/30/13 Dr. Esther Angert The unusual lives of intestinal bacteria, Epulopiscium spp. and relatives Dr. Aimee Shen
  10/09/13 Dr. Zemer Gitai Strange Bedfellows: The cytoskeleton and metabolism in bacteria Dr. Aimee Shen
  10/02/13 Dr. Amy Camp Feeding tubes and switches in bacterial development Dr. Aimee Shen
  09/25/13 Dr. Kumaran Ramamurthi Morphogenesis of large structures during development Dr. Aimee Shen
  09/18/13 Dr. Lee Kroos From Bacterial Development to Human Health Dr. Aimee Shen
  09/11/13 Dr. Sloan Siegrist Palmore Coordinate regulation of virulence and peptidoglycan remodeling by an intracellular pathogen Dr. Aimee Shen
  07/24/13 Dr. Reuben Harris Retroviral Immunity (the good) and Carcinogenesis (the bad) Through Enzymatic DNA Dr. Markus Thali
  05/01/13 Dr. Dao Nguyen Antibiotic tolerance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Dr. Matt Wargo
  04/17/13 Dr. Rachel Dutton Food for thought: Cheese as a model microbial ecosystem Dr. Aimee Shen
  04/10/13 Dr. Benjamin Morin Functional and structural studies of negative-strand RNA viruses L polymerases Dr. Sylvie Doublie
  03/27/13 Dr. Laurie Comstock Interactions between bacterial members of the colonic microbiota Dr. Aimee Shen
  02/13/13 Dr. Mark Nelson Elementary Ca2+ signals through endothelial TRPV4 channels regulate vascular function MMG Seminar Committee
  02/06/13 Dr. Robert DeSalle CANCELLED Dr. Neil Sarkar
  01/30/13 Dr. Jeffrey Spees Priming with ligands secreted by human stromal progenitors (p75MSCs) promotes grafts of cardiac stem cells after myocardial infarction MMG Seminar Committee
  01/16/13 Dr. Vincent Racaniello Antagonism of innate immunity by picornaviruses Dr. Markus Thali
  12/12/12 Dr. Bryce Nickels NanoRNAs: a new class of regulatory small RNAs Dr. Aimee Shen
  11/28/12 Dr. Simon Dove Essential transcription regulators in Pseudomonas and Francisella Dr. Matt Wargo
  11/14/12 Dr. Anthony Sinai Autophagy in Toxoplasma gondii: a matter of life and death Drs. Sylvie Doublié and Greg Gilmartin
  11/07/12 Dr. Heran Darwin Breaking TB: Pup, proteasomes and pathogenesis Drs. Sylvie Doublié and Greg Gilmartin
  10/31/12 Dr. Scarlet Shell Sculpting the transcriptome of a pathogen: from DNA methylation to mRNA processing in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Dr. Aimee Shen
  10/24/12 Dr. Christopher Lima Structure and activities of the eukaryotic RNA exosome Drs. Sylvie Doublié and Greg Gilmartin
  10/17/12 Dr. Jeffrey Wilusz CANCELED Drs. Sylvie Doublié & Greg Gilmartin
  10/10/12 Dr. Daniel Schoenberg Cytoplasmic capping: A new post-transcriptional mechanism with impacts on translation, mRNA stability and the complexity of the proteome Drs. Sylvie Doublié and Greg Gilmartin
  10/03/12 Dr. Michael Terns Small RNA-Guided Immune Systems in Prokaryotes Drs. Sylvie Doublié and Greg Gilmartin
  08/01/12 Dr. Wendy Cannan Everything you wanted to know about XRCC1 and Ligase IIIalpha, and then some  
  07/25/12 Dr. Lucas Tilley Identification of Toxoplasma gondii cGMP-dependent protein kinase (TgPKG) substrates  
  07/18/12 Dr. Jia Zhou DNA glycosylase Neil3 may function in repairing oxidative base damage in telomeres  
  07/11/12 Dr. Kovi E. Bessoff Novel candidates for the treatment of cryptosporidium using high throughput methods  
  07/11/12 Dr. Annette LaBauve Host detection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa: response to sphingosine  
  06/27/12 Dr. Jenna Foderaro Small-Molecule Target Identification in Apicomplexan Parasites  
  06/27/12 Dr. Kenneth P. Smith The Secretome of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans  
  05/16/12 Dr. Andrew L. Goodman New tools for exploring the human gut microbiome Dr. Aimee Shen
  05/09/12 Dr. Dimitry N. Krementsov Unraveling the immune mechanisms of multiple sclerosis using animal models: a tale of two kinases MMG Seminar Committee
  05/02/12 Dr. Hera C. Vlamakis Regulation of cell fate in biofilms by extracellular signals Dr. Aimee Shen
  04/18/12 Dr. Bryan Ballif Braking While Accelerating: Identifying Novel Mechanisms of Negative Feedback in Ras-MAPK Signaling MMG Seminar Committee
  04/11/12 Dr. Janet Lindow Vaccines and T cells: a search for a correlate of protection for dengue fever MMG Seminar Committee
  04/04/12 Dr. Gary E. Ward Invade and conquer: An intracellular parasite’s ingenious tactics of stealth and subterfuge University Scholar Inaugural Lecture
  03/28/12 Dr. Brent Berwin A Few Poynters on the Immune Response to Bacterial Motility: Can This Make the WarGo Better Against Infection? Dr. Matt Wargo
  03/21/12 Dr. Daniel Zenklusen OEDissecting Gene Expression Regulation in yeast One Molecule at a Time Dr. Markus Thali
  02/29/12 Dr. Alan Howe Protein Kinase A in Cell Migration: The Tension Mounts MMG Seminar Committee
  02/15/12 Dr. Nicholas H. Heintz Redox-dependent mitochondrial targets in cancer therapy MMG Seminar Committee
  02/08/12 Dr. Jason Stumpff Spatial control of mitotic chromosome movements MMG Seminar Committee
  01/25/12 Dr. Ralph C. Budd Caspase Regulation in Immune Function: the FLIP Side MMG Seminar Committee
  01/18/12 Dr. Mary Tierney Signals from the outside-in: new insights on ECM control of cell growth MMG Seminar Committee
  12/15/11 Dr. Eric Cohen Novel Insights into HIV-1-host cell interactions governing viral replication and transmission Dr. Markus Thali
  12/07/11 Dr. Jie Xiao Noise in Gene Regulation Dr. Gary Ward
  11/30/11 Dr. Craig Ellermeier Activation of ECF sigma factors in response to cell envelope stress in Bacillus subtilis and Clostridium difficile Dr. Aimee Shen
  11/16/11 Dr. Arjun Raj Taking a picture of transcriptional activity along a chromosome Dr. Gary Ward
  11/09/11 Dr. Yuri Lazebnik Cell promiscuity, common sense and the hallmarks of cancer Dr. Gary Ward
  11/02/11 Dr. Gürol Süel Decision-making: Insights from single cell and population dynamics Dr. Gary Ward
  10/26/11 Dr. Jane Hill Identity and Status: how the volatile molecules from bacteria tell us who they are, how many there are, and what they are doing … Dr. Markus Thali
  10/19/11 Dr. Matthew J. Wargo Eating for the sake of knowledge: Pseudomonas aeruginosa catabolism and its role in sensing the host  
  10/05/11 Dr. Mary J. Dunlop Dynamics and Correlated Noise in Gene Regulation Dr. Gary Ward
  09/28/11 Dr. John MacKenzie Burke What I Did During My Sabbatical in England  
  09/21/11 Dr. Cecilia Rodriguez Furlán The polarized localization of ATPRP3 within the ECM of root hairs is regulated by secretory and endocytic mechanisms  
  09/14/11 Dr. Susan S. Wallace DNA Glycosylase Recognition of Oxidative DNA Damage  
  09/09/11 Dr. Xiaowei Zhuang Nanoscopic Imaging of Biomolecules and Cells with Single-molecule and Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy Dr. Markus Thali
  08/17/11 Dr. Jonathan Beckwith How studying disulfide bond formation in E. coli led to screening for new antibiotics and anti-coagulants  
  04/20/11 Dr. Daniel Gage New signals on old hardware: an updated signaling paradigm for the phosphotransferase (PTS) system of bacteria Dr. Matt Wargo
  04/13/11 Dr. Robert Shanks Red into Gold and other fun genetic studies with Serratia marcescens Dr. Matt Wargo
  04/06/11 Dr. Mary J. Dunlop Engineering Feedback Control Systems in Microbes Dr. Matt Wargo
  03/02/11 Dr. Thomas Murray The metabolic regulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa surface behaviors Dr. Matt Wargo
  02/16/11 Dr. Jennifer Bomberger Pseudomonas aeruginosa inhibits viral immunity in the lung Dr. Matt Wargo
  01/26/11 Dr. Marvin Whitely Bacterial dinner conversations: tales of bacterial lobster traps and polymicrobial interactions Dr. Matt Wargo
  01/19/11 Dr. Akira Ono HIV-1 Assembly and Beyond – the Events Taking Place at the Plasma Membrane of Polarized T Cells Dr. Markus Thali
  12/08/10 Dr. Yves Lussier Hypothesis-driven translational bioinformatics: from in silico models to clinical trails with transit in vitro and in vivo Drs. Bond, Bouffard & Sarkar
  12/01/10 Dr. Leslie Biesecker ClinSeq – A pilot study for clinical genomics research Drs. Bond, Bouffard & Sarkar
  11/17/10 Dr. Heidi Parker Complex Trait Mapping in the Domestic Dog: Tracking the Genetics of Morphology and Disease Drs. Bond, Bouffard & Sarkar
  11/10/10 Dr. Sean Conlan The Human Skin Microbiome: Community Structure and Specialization Drs. Bond, Bouffard & Sarkar
  09/15/10 Dr. Andre-Denis Wright "From Livestock to Humans: The Wonderful World of Methanogens" Dr. Susan Wallace
  06/30/10 Dr. Anahi Odell A Yeast Three-Hybrid system for target identification of small molecules that inhibit Toxoplasma gondii invasion  
  06/23/10 Dr. Jacqueline Leung Strategies for target identification of tachypleginA, a small-molecule inhibitor of T. gondii motility and invasion  
  05/19/10 Dr. Stefan Stamm Alternative splicing under physiologial and pathophysiological conditions Dr. Mariana Matrajt
  05/05/10 Dr. Brenton Graveley Dynamics and Diversity of the Drosophila Dr. Mariana Matrajt
  04/28/10 Dr. Kristen W. Lynch Signal-induced regulation of alternative splicing in the immune system Dr. Mariana Matrajt
  04/20/10 Dr. Ramiro Barrantes-Reynolds Cooperating amino acids: computational methods to discover cooperating amino acids provide insight into structure and function of Fpg/Nei Bond Lab
  04/14/10 Dr. Gaoyan (Grace) Tang Glycosylation of the collagen adhesin EmaA of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans is dependent upon the lipopolysaccharide biosynthetic pathway Mintz Lab
  04/07/10 Dr. Jason Botten Hantavirus and Arenavirus Host-Pathogen Interactions Dr. Mariana Matrajt
  03/31/10 Dr. S. Fabiola Parussini Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis of Toxoplasma gondii AMA1 Mediated by Rhomboids Plays a Critical Role in Daughter Cell Formation Ward Lab
  03/24/10 Dr. Janet Lindow Clearance of Salmonella Typhi infections in humans; opsonins at work Kirkpatrick Lab
  01/27/10 Dr. Amy Brock Dynamics and heterogeneity in cell fate decisions Dr. Susan Wallace
  01/13/10 Dr. Steven Hanes Cracking the CTD Code: Ess1 provides a new twist Dr. Susan Wallace
  12/09/09 Dr. Iwona Buskiewicz Hammerhead Ribozyme – Folding and Catalysis Drs. Chris Huston & Beth Kirkpatrick
  12/02/09 Dr. Joel Kline CpG Oligonucleotides: Promoting Immune Tolerance in Allergic Inflammation Drs. Chris Huston & Beth Kirkpatrick
  11/11/09 Dr. Eric Martens*
University of Michigan
Complex glycan metabolism by human distal gut Bacteroides Drs. Chris Huston & Beth Kirkpatrick
  10/21/09 Dr. Marc-Jan Gubbels
Boston College
Cell division in Toxoplasma gondii: two buns in the oven Dr. Gary Ward
  10/07/09 Dr. Rich Darveau*
University of Washington
Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS: interactions with innate host defense Drs. Chris Huston & Beth Kirkpatrick
  09/30/09 Dr. Eric Pamer*
Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Innate immune responses to bacterial infection Drs. Chris Huston & Beth Kirkpatrick
  09/23/09 Dr. Deborah Hogan*
Dartmouth College
Communication and Competition: The roles of reactive oxygen species in bacterial-fungal interactions Drs. Chris Huston & Beth Kirkpatrick
  09/16/09 Dr. Philip Hanawalt
Stanford University
Coordinating multiple mechanisms for genomic maintenance Dr. Susan Wallace
  04/29/09 Dr. Eugene Koonin*
Origin and evolution of viruses: Implications for cellular evolution Dr. Markus Thali
  04/22/09 Dr. Daniel DiMaio
Yale University
From a viral oncogene to an artificial hormone Dr. Susan Wallace
  04/15/09 Dr. Jeanne Harris*
University of Vermont
Underground Architecture: coordinating root development with symbiotic nodule formation in legumes Dr. Markus Thali
  04/08/09 Dr. Marilyn J. Roossinck*
The Samual Roberts Noble Foundation
Ecogenomics, Viral Ecology and Mutualism Dr. Markus Thali
  03/25/09 Dr. J. Peter Googarten*
University of Connecticut
Phylogenetics in Light of Horizontal Gene Transfer Dr. Markus Thali
  03/06/09 Dr. Margaret McFall-Ngai*
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Forming a lasting partnership: The establishment and maintenance of the squid-vibrio symbiosis Dr. Markus Thali




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