MMG Holiday Party: Food & Fun Facts

By Matt Wargo • December 17th, 2009

Dec 16th. MMG Holiday Party.

The full MMG cast arrived for an approximately 40 dish potluck celebration of the holidays. From casserole to cakes, quiche to couscous, meatballs to mint cookies, everyone enjoyed a diverse and delicious assortment of foods.

Concurrent with eating and relaxing, the annual multiple choice MMG trivia quiz was conducted with such questions as “Who once worked at a restaurant owned by Robert Redford?”, “Which MMG student owns and runs a vineyard?”, and “Which Kirkpatrick Lab member is currently climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro?”. Being scientists and educators, some quantitative assessment was necessary, so after grading, the winners of the contest this year were:
Faculty: Keith Mintz
Staff: Susan Robey-Bond and Pierre Aller
Graduate Students: a three-way tie between Annette LaBauve, Andrew Dunn, and Krista Brooks.

For those who arrived a few minutes early, there was a brief appearance of the unofficial MMG holiday tree, some 18 feet tall and barely contained in the space. Festive? Yes. Fire hazard? Perhaps. Alas, for various reasons it was moved outside and we could enjoy its grandeur from the window.

A special thanks to all who helped organize and all who participated. Special thanks to Debbie Stern for organizing and studiously recording the quiz results, and to Stephanie Phelps for providing the pictures.

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