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2012 Year in Review

2012 Frymoyer Scholars
  • "Developing Best Practices in Communication When Using the Electronic Health Record for Nurse Practitioner and Medical Students and their Preceptors"
    Marie Sandoval, M.D., and Mary Val Palumbo, DNP, APRN

    The goals of the project are to "evaluate the effect of current EHR outpatient clinical practices on satisfaction of educational experience via medical/nurse practitioner student evaluations; develop and test Best Practices in Communication for the patient-provider-EHR triad; pilot test a new curriculum incorporating these Best Practices...and disseminate faculty development materials by offering educational sessions throughout the academic medical center and nationally."

  • "Palliative Care Outreach in a Small Rural State"
    Ursula McVeigh, M.D., and Jean Coffey, Ph.D., CPNP

    This project will provide "continuing education for clinicians providing primary or specialized palliative care in Vermont." Through targeted focus groups and surveys, Drs. McVeigh and Coffey plan to identify the Palliative Care learning needs of clinicians and design an educational program that includes "a didactic session and simulation with standardized patients." Then, the program will be presented in four areas in the state to members of interdisciplinary teams of clinicians who provide palliative care.

  • "Teaching Professionalism through Lessons from the Board of Medical Practice"
    Patricia King, M.D., Ph.D.

    Dr. King plans to develop a course that will acquaint medical students with the state medical board and statutes governing medical practice and unprofessional conduct. Students will participate in mock case reviews and board meetings. Said Dr. King in her statement of interest: "My hope in this course is to give students, early in their career, an idea of the responsibility they have to their patients, and an understanding of the processes in place to protect our patients, preserve our profession and guarantee the quality of medical care."

  • "Simulation Training for Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit Teams: Active Learning to Promote Best Practice"
    Laurie LeClair, M.D.

    The goal of this project is to "develop a novel, innovative curriculum where by medical student and resident education in the ICU is achieved in conjunction with other members of the multidisciplinary team in an effort to promote team building through active learning and case-based simulation." Dr. King plans to develop "eight 45 minute case simulations" that would accommodate two resident teams and cycle every four weeks. "The cases will be built from 'real life' patient experiences, include members of the multidisciplinary care team and their associated students and utilize high-fidelity simulation mannequins, simulated patients/family members, electronic medical records (EMR) and radiology."

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