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Volume 50, Issue 2, 2013
VM: A 50-Year Record

Through the web links to the following articles, readers can get a glimpse of the changing life of the College of Medicine from the 1960s to today. Even more important are the clear indications of what hasn't changed - the work to educate students and produce research that serves patients and the community.


1965: "Groundbreaking in August for Phase III" (PDF)


1969: "Claustrophobia, What's That?" (PDF)

framing the future

2000 cover story: "Framing the Future at the College of Medicine" (PDF)

form meets function

2005 cover story: "Form Meets Function: The Academic Health Center's Revitalized Campus is the Perfect Space for Today's Medical Education" (PDF)


More Student Stories

first commencement

1971: "College of Medicine Has Own Commencement" (PDF)

diversity of students

1977 cover story: "A Remarkable Diversity" (PDF)

combining medical school and family

1997 cover story: "Combining Medical School and Family" (PDF)

year one

2004 cover story: "Year One: First Year Students Begin the Arduous and Thrilling Process of Becoming a Physician" (PDF)


More Curriculum Stories

enrollment jump

1967: "Enrollment Will Rise to 75" (PDF)


1999: "The Quiet Revolution: Building the New Future of Medical Education with the Vermont Integrated Curriculum" (PDF)

in practice

2009 cover story: "In Practice" (PDF)


More Women Stories

bound for nepal

1968 cover story: "Two Juniors are Bound for Nepal" (PDF)

student trustee

1972: "Casja, The Student Trustee" (PDF)

first women medical students

2004: "The First Women" (PDF)

caring, serving, learning

2008: "Caring, Serving, Learning: Medical Students Find Community Connections Deepen the Meaning of their Vocation" (PDF)


computer system

1973: "Computer System Quickly Puts Finger on Medical Knowledge of World" (PDF)

here comes http

1997: "Here Comes http://www._Ready_or_Not" (PDF)

educational technology

2007 cover story: "Educational Technology: A Look at the Tools that Support 21st Century Education for Medical Students" (PDF)


More Research Stories

battle plan

1966: "A Battle Plan" (PDF)

new approach

1974 cover story: "A New Approach to an Old Question" (PDF)

smoking research

2001 cover story: "Breaking the Chain" (PDF)

magdalena naylor

2009 cover story: "Where Does it Hurt?" (PDF)

Clinical Practice


1968: "Abortion" (PDF)

family practice created

1974: "Dept. of Family Practice Created" (PDF)


1995 cover story: "Sit Still and Pay Attention! Dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder" (PDF)

medical home

2009: "Home Sweet Medical Home" (PDF)


More Faculty Stories

davis new title

1971: "Dr. John Davis is Given New Title (And a Big Job)" (PDF)

dr. wolf

1986 cover story: "The Wonders of Dr. Wolf" (PDF)

joe warshaw

2004: "Remembering Joe: A Remembrance of Dean Joseph B. Warshaw, M.D." (PDF)

mimi reardon

2006 cover story: "A Primary Passion" (PDF)

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