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DEPARTMENT OF Radiology ~ 2013 Annual Report

Steven P. Braff, M.D., Chair

The Department of Radiology saw exciting work in several areas this year. First, faculty are continuing work on a high reliability imaging program. This is to ensure that the right test is done at the right time on the right equipment, is interpreted by the right subspecialty and that the communication of results is done promptly with acknowledgment from the ordering clinician. This component includes electronic decision support, ensuring the right test is ordered.

Second is radiation dose monitoring, to help the Department achieve ALARA (as low as reasonably attainable) results. Radiologists will be able to collect complete cumulative radiation dose history on all of patients using this new technology. The third element of this program is critical results reporting. When fully implemented, this will allow tracking of all results in a closed loop, ultimately integrating with the electronic health record to make certain there is proper acknowledgment of all important results communicated and followed up with ordering clinicians. The last part of this high reliability initiative involves integration of picture archiving and communication system with the electronic health record, so that the interpreting radiologist will have all important patient information available when interpreting a test on that patient.

Together these four components consolidate information to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate test when needed and at the lowest possible radiation dose. The second milestone in the Department is physician integration. As of October 1, 2013, the three current radiologists at Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC), Charles N. Pappas, M.D., Joseph S. Pekala, M.D., and Robert D. Johnson, M.D., became members of the clinical Department, and the University of Vermont Medical Group. This is the first step involving true physician integration in the growing local health care system.

Last but certainly not least is exciting news about Imaging the World (ITW). At the time of this writing, Kristen K. DeStigter, M.D., professor and vice chair, along with a large entourage including Susan Harvey, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Section of Breast Imaging, Magdalena Naylor, M.D., Ph.D., professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UVM/Fletcher Allen, Christina Cinelli, M.D., women’s imaging fellow from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Katie Mezwa, University of Michigan, Kathleen Fleming, Career Counselor at Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, Sarah Comtois and Mary Streeter, radiologist assistants at Fletcher Allen, Christopher Stark, M.D., radiology resident at Fletcher Allen, and Caitlin Baran, a UVM medical student, are in Uganda initiating the very first breast cancer screening program in sub-Saharan Africa. This is a real world health care achievement of global importance.

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