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Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Neuroscience ~ 2015 Annual Report

Rodney Parsons, Ph.D., Director

The Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Neuroscience was created in 2001 by a grant from the NIH National Center of Research Resources to enhance neuroscience research and training infrastructure at the University of Vermont.

This grant supported the creation of two multi-user research cores: an Imaging/ Physiology Core, which provides access to sophisticated imaging equipment dedicated to live imaging, and a Cell/Molecular Core, which provides personnel and access to sophisticated equipment required to complete cellular and molecular biology experiments.

The Neuroscience COBRE also created a Translational Core to facilitate interactions between clinical and basic neuroscientists and supported a summer undergraduate research program. During the first ten years of funding, the Neuroscience COBRE supported nine multi-year research projects and eight pilot projects for junior investigators. In 2011, five additional years of NIH support for the Neuroscience COBRE Center was obtained. This transitional COBRE grant provides continued support for the research cores created in the first ten years of COBRE funding and over the first three years, supported four one-year pilot projects in the areas of stroke and neurovascular interactions or neural regulation of autonomic nervous system development, function and disorders.

A highlight of the fourth year was setting up a Yokogawa Spinning Disk confocal microscopy system, which was purchased in the third year through the award of a $525,000 NIH Shared Instrument grant. This new confocal imaging system is housed in the COBRE Imaging Facility located in the Given Building, and adds a new dimension to imaging capabilities of this multi-user research core. This past year the Neuroscience COBRE provided funds to facilitate recruitment of a new Neurological Sciences faculty member, Matthew Weston, Ph.D. Dr.Weston is an outstanding young investigator who combines biophysical measurements, imaging, and molecular biology approaches to understand membrane ion channels that regulate neuronal excitability under normal and disease conditions. In sum, the Neuroscience COBRE continues to support research cores that broaden faculty research capabilities, and access to these core facilities has significantly increased the competitiveness of neuroscience faculty for extramural funding.

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