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DEPARTMENT OF Anesthesiology ~ 2014 Annual Report

David Adams, M.D., Interim Chair

The academic scope of Anesthesiology is wider than ever, as more of our faculty and residents participated in scholarly activities. This past year members of the Department gave over 30 poster or abstract presentations at national and regional conferences, published ten articles in peer-reviewed journals, submitted several book chapters, and served in leadership positions on national boards and committees. The number of faculty and residents who participated in clinical studies also reflects a burgeoning research enterprise in the department, with more than a dozen protocols actively recruiting subjects and gathering data.

An example is a recent publication in Anesthesia and Analgesia, one of the field’s leading journals, of “Cognitive outcome after spinal anesthesia and surgery during infancy,” by Robert Williams, M.D., Ian Black, M.D., David Adams, M.D., Donald Mathews, M.D., and three UVM colleagues. This paper is a major achievement that reflects years of work by our entire group. It is also just the beginning, with more investigations to come on the critically important issue of anesthetic exposure and neurotoxicity in infancy.

Another is a paper in press at the journal Anesthesiology by Patrick Bender, M.D., and William Paganelli, M.D., Ph.D., on management of intraoperative ventilation. This paper will be featured in a Journal Symposium at the American Society of Anesthesiology national meeting and is the first major research project performed as a result of our participation in a coalition of leading academic anesthesia departments in the U.S. and Europe. In addition to our focus on faculty scholarly work, our department’s trainees have been increasingly involved in research activities. Nicole Collins, D.O., received an award for one of the best resident abstracts for her laboratory work on neural “gasotransmitters” presented at the International Anesthesia Research.

Finally, Veena Graff, M.D., is conducting a study on the benefits of using music to reduce anxiety in patients undergoing various procedures. Society annual meeting in Montreal, Canada. Amy Odefey, M.D., received an award for best poster from the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors at their meeting in Nashville, Tennessee for her work on finding cost-savings in managing operating room waste disposal.

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