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DEPARTMENT OF Anesthesiology ~ 2015 Annual Report

David Adams, M.D., Interim Chair

Faculty in the Department of Anesthesiology have been active in all areas of the mission, with several main themes developing in research and education, including anesthetic neurotoxicity in children, perioperative and practice management, multicenter perioperative outcomes, and medical simulation.

Robert Williams, M.D., has initiated a second major investigation into the cognitive impact of anesthetic drugs administered during infancy. This large-scale, multi-year study will examine the effect of multiple anesthetic exposures in childhood.

The scope of projects by Mitchell Tsai, M.D., M.M.M., includes application of time-driven activity-based costing to look for savings in various surgical procedures, including interventional cardiac procedures with Jacob Martin, M.D.; multi-state surveys of how hospitals govern their operating rooms; and the effectiveness of a web-based tutorial to train anesthesia residents in perioperative management. Dr. Tsai also offers a popular reading elective on medical leadership to fourth-year medical students. This one-month course is designed to expand students’ understanding of conceptual frameworks of leadership, management, and organizational change, aiming to foster growth in critical analytic skills.

Another popular course is the Perioperative Bridge Week, taught by Kathleen MacDonald, M.D. This program combines clinical simulation and hands-on experiences to give third-year medical students an exposure to acute care medical skills such as airway management, invasive and non-invasive monitoring, and cardiovascular support, as well as communication and teamwork skills that will be useful in any medical discipline. Vincent Miller, M.D., continues his work as associate director of anesthesia simulation for UVM’s Clinical Simulation Laboratory, where he is developing an operating room simulator as well as establishing an ultrasound curriculum.

Interim Chair David Adams, M.D., with colleagues from the Departments of Psychiatry and Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, have developed an educational project to improve our learning environment for residents and medical students as well as faculty, allied practitioners, and staff. The team created a professional-quality film, background.

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