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Bio for David Yandell, Sc.D.
David Yandell, Sc.D.

David Yandell, Sc.D.

Department of Pathology

Contact Information
Office Location:
Colch Res Facil 214d


1974 - 1978 B.S., University of Colorado at Boulder (Physics and Mathematics, cum laude)
1978 - 1982 M.S., Harvard University, School of Public Health (Physiology)
1982 - 1986 Sc.D., Harvard University, School of Public Health (Cancer Biology)

Research Interests

The primary focus of my research is to understand the relationship between inherited disease-predisposing genes and the expression of clinical disease in humans, both in individuals and in populations. Although a main career focus has been on tumor suppressors and cancer predisposition, particularly the childhood eye tumor retinoblastoma, I am very interested in genes associated with common adult diseases, and in using RB or other rare syndromes as model systems for translating laboratory advances in genetics into clinical interventions

Academic Appointments

1997 - Present Professor of Pathology and Medicine, UVM College of Medicine

1998 - 2002 Director, Community Genetics and Ethics Project

1996 - 1997 Interim Director, Division of Human Medical Genetics, Department of Medicine, UVM College of Medicine

1995 - Present Director, Vermont Comprehensive Cancer Center

1995 - Present Co-Director, Vermont Human Genetics Initiative, UVM College of Medicine

1993 - Present Scientific Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, UVM College of Medicine and Fletcher Allen Health Care

1996 - 1997 Associate Professor of Medicine, UVM College of Medicine

1995 Associate Professor of Pathology with Tenure, UVM College of Medicine

1993 - 1997 Associate Professor of Pathology, UVM College of Medicine

1993 - 1995 Director, Familial Cancer Program, Vermont Cancer Center

1993 - 1994 Visiting Lecturer, Harvard School of Public Health

1991 - 1993 Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology, Harvard School of Public Health

1990 - 1993 Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School

1987 - 1993 Research Associate, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

1987 - 1989 Research Associate in Cancer Biology, Harvard School of Public Health

1987 - 1989 Instructor in Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School

Awards and Honors

2001 - 2006 NIH National Cancer Institute Subcommittee A, 'Cancer Centers Parent Committee' Study Section

1999 - 2002 NIH ZRG1 CONC 01, Clinical Oncology Study Section

1996 - 1998   NIH Mammalian Genetics Study Section

1993   Gallaudet University, Experiential Programs Off Campus (EPOC) "Supervisors Hall of Fame" Award

1991 - 2008  Communicating Editor, Human Mutation

1990   Fellow, H.S.T. Society of Harvard/M.I.T.

1990   Dolly Green Scholar, Research to Prevent Blindness Foundation

1980 - 1986  NIH National Research Service Award


2004 Hutchinson JR, Yandell DW, Bumpous JM, Fleming MM, Flynn MB. Three-year financial analysis of minimally invasive radio-guided parathyroidectomy. Am Surg. 2004 Dec;70(12):1112-5.

2003 Shattuck TM, Kim TS, Costa J, Yandell DW, Imanishi Y, Palanisamy N, Gaz RD, Shoback D, Clark OH, Monchik JM, Wierman ME, Hollenberg A, Tojo K, Chaganti RS, Arnold A. Mutational analyses of RB and BRCA2 as candidate tumour suppressor genes in parathyroid carcinoma. Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2003 Aug;59(2):180-9.

1995 Ikeda H, Beauchamp RL, Yoshimoto T, Yandell DW. Detection of Heterozygous Mutation in the Retinoblastoma Gene in a Human Pituitary Adenoma Using PCR-SSCP Analysis and Direct Sequencing. Endocr Pathol. 1995 Autumn;6(3):189-196.

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