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Bio for Elzbieta Zakrzewska, Ph.D.

Elzbieta Zakrzewska, Ph.D.

Research Associate
Department of Pharmacology

Contact Information
Office Location:
Given B Rm 329

Publications (Peer Reviewed)

2007 Lintault LM, Zakrzewska EI, Maple RL, Baer LA, Casey TM, Ronca AE, Wade CE, Plaut K. In a hypergravity environment neonatal survival is adversely affected by alterations in dam tissue metabolism rather than reduced food intake. J Appl Physiol; 102(6):2186-93

2004 Zakrzewska EI, Maple R, Lintault L, Wade C, Baer L, Ronca A, Plaut K. Association between gravitational force and tissue metabolism in periparturient rats. J Gravit Physiol. 11(2):P157-60.

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