University of Vermont

College of Medicine

Vermont Cancer Center

VCC Pilot Project Awards

Past Recipients

  • Kim Dittus, MD, PhD
  • Nicholas Heintz, PhD
  • Mercedes Rincón, PhD
  • Alan K. Howe, PhD
  • Karen C. Glass, PhD
  • Susan S. Wallace, PhD & Joann B. Sweasy, PhD
  • Marie E. Wood, MD
  • Paula Deming, PhD
  • Kim Dittus, MD, PhD
  • Nicholas Heintz, PhD
  • Giselle Sholler, MD
  • David Krag, MD
  • Arti Shukla, PhD
  • Frances Carr, PhD
  • Feng-Qi Zhao, PhD
  • Richard Zubarik, MD
  • Mark Plante, MD
  • Steven Lidofsky, MD
  • Chris Holmes, M.D., PhD
  • Maria Ramos-Nino, PhD
  • Nicholas Heintz, PhD
  • Richard F. Branda, MD
  • George Philips, MD
  • Barbara Lyons, PhD
  • José Madalengoitia, PhD
  • Umadevi Wesley, PhD
  • Wolfgang Dostmann, PhD
  • Gregory Friestad, PhD
  • James Vigoreaux, PhD
  • Karen Lounsbury, PhD
  • Marc Greenblatt, MD
  • Kenneth Cutroneo, PhD
  • Wolfgang Dostmann, PhD
  • Mary Cushman, MD
  • Paul Vichi, PhD
  • Diane Jaworski, PhD
  • Jeffrey Bond, PhD
  • Berta Geller, EdD
  • Scott Morrical, PhD
  • Jen-Fu Chiu, PhD
  • Laura Solomon, PhD
  • Ian Macara, PhD
  • Karen Plaut, PhD
  • Deborah Lannigan, PhD

VCC/LCCRO Pilot Project Awards

The Lake Champlain Cancer Research Organization (LCCRO) and the VCC Cancer Center Support Grant provide funding for cancer research awards to UVM faculty in several categories. The VCC/LCCRO Pilot Project Award is one such award category. Historically, this award has laid the foundation for larger, NIH-funded grants to cancer researchers.

VCC/LCCRO Pilot Project Awards of up to $50,000 will be given to at least two scientists. The number of awards and amount of each will be determined by the review committee based on the overall merit of the applications they receive. The purpose of these awards is to provide seed money for pilot projects or novel ideas in cancer research—including basic, clinical, epidemiological, behavioral, and psychosocial cancer-related investigations. Preference will be given to faculty seeking to develop new scholarly areas. The funds may not be used to supplement existing grants, provide interim support, or support previously funded research or faculty salary.

Current Recipients (2013)

Robert Kelm, PhD and Gurpreet Singh Lamba, MDRobert Kelm, PhD and Gurpreet Singh Lamba, MD
Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Assistant Professor of Medicine – Hematology/Oncology
“Role of Purine-Rich Element Binding Proteins in the Pathogenesis of High-Risk AML”

Jane Lian, PhDJane B. Lian, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry
“Developing a Serum microRNA and TARS Biomarker Signature for Prostate Cancer”

Arti Shukla, PhDArti Shukla, PhD
Associate Professor, Pathology
“Preclinical evaluation of ERK5 inhibitor for malignant mesothelioma growth suppression”


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