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The University of Vermont Cancer Center Development Research Proposal

Development Research Proposals provide members of the University of Vermont Cancer Center with one year of funding for cancer related studies with a $25,000 maximum for each grant. The objective of this program is to support basic and clinical research which addresses questions relevant to cancer biology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention . We are committed to supporting studies along the entire continuum of research, from bench to community. Pursuit of fundamental mechanisms of cell and tissue function that can be translated to increased understanding of neoplastic disease will be encouraged as well as studies which partner basic scientists and clinicians to develop novel approaches to tumor biology and pathology. Studies in the areas of psychosocial, behavioral, epidemiologic, palliative care and health services research, that address prevention and control, cancer-related health policy or services, as well as cancer services in underserved populations, disparity research, and childhood cancer are funding priorities.

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