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The 19th Annual Women's Health and Cancer Conference




The 19th Annual Women's Health and Breast Cancer Conference will feature expert speakers from throughout the region. Speakers marked with an asterisk (*) are members of the University of Vermont (UVM) Cancer Center.


Frances Carr, PhD*

Jessica Heath, MD*

Chef Curtiss Hemm

Ted James, MD, MS*

Clara Keegan, MD

Jennifer May, RD

Claire Verschraegen, MD*

Christine Weinberger, MD

Julia Wick, MS, LCMHC


Frances Carr, PhDFrances Carr, PhD*

Dr. Carr is a Professor of Pharmacology at UVM College of Medicine. She is internationally known for her research on thyroid function and thyroid cancer, and is currently studying the effects of exposure to low levels of common environmental toxins or endocrine-disrupting chemicals on thyroid function in normal development as well as the possible role in thyroid cancer. (Session 1.2)

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Jessica Heath, MDJessica Heath, MD*

Dr. Heath is an Assistant Professor the the departments of Pediatrics and Biochemistry at the UVM College of Medicine. She also serves as an attending physician in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology division at the UVM Children's Hospital. She has been a part of UVM since 2015 and is also a member of the UVM Cancer Center. (Session 1.6)

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Chef Curtiss HemmChef Curtiss Hemm

Chef Curtiss Hemm is the founder and Executive Director of Pink Ribbon Cooking, LLC. Chef Curtiss is the former Dean of Culinary Arts and Director of Online Programs at the New England Culinary Institute. Additionally Curtiss was an instructor and program coordinator at Paul Smith's College of Arts and Science. Specializing in the artistic presentation and preparation of food, Chef Curtiss is also the author of Garde Manger: The Cold Kitchen, a contemporary culinary textbook focused on the preparation and artistic expression of charcuterie, salads, sandwiches, buffets and decorative sculptures. Chef Curtiss currently sits on the Vermont Hope Lodge Advisory Committee Council 2013 and the Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer Quality of Life Work Group. Intimately touched by his wife's breast cancer diagnosis and the loss of her mother to lung cancer, Curtiss now channels his professional skills and time toward raising awareness and supporting organizations that are on the frontline in the fight against cancer. (Session 1.3)

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Ted James, MD, MS, FACSTed James, MD, MS*

Dr. James is a member of the UVM Cancer Center and Division of Surgical Oncology where he serves as Director of Skin and Soft Tissue Surgical Oncology. He manages the surgical care of patients with breast cancer, melanoma and extremity sarcoma. Dr. James is active in cancer research and is also engaged in promoting quality standards in cancer care. He employs a team-based approach to cancer care and believes in involving patients as key members of the treatment decision-making process; making certain to educate patients about their diagnosis and address their treatment priorities. (Session 1.1)

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Clara Keegan, MDClara Keegan, MD

Dr. Keegan has been a member of the South Burlington Family Practice since 2011. She handles primary care for all ages. An Assistant Professor at the UVM College of Medicine, Dr. Keegan was named the 2012 recipient of the UVM Faculty Gold Star Award. She has also been recognized as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. (Sessions 1.5, 2.9)

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Jennifer May, RDJennifer May, RD

Jennifer May is a clinical nutritionist with the UVM Medical Center. She is also a part of the Cancer Patient Support Foundation, where she helps patients and their families identify nutritional needs, cope with treatment-related side effects, and provide information on healthy eating throughout the treatment process. (Sessions 1.3, 2.11)

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Claire Verschraegen, MDClaire Verschraegen, MD*

Dr. Verschraegen is a Professor of Medicine at the UVM College of Medicine and the Deputy Director of the UVM Cancer Center. Certified in both internal medicine and medical oncology, she serves as the Medical Director of Hematology/Oncology at the UVM Medical Center. Dr. Verschraegen is also the primary investigator on numerous clinical trials focused on many different aspects of cancer treatment. (Session 1.8)

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Christine Weinberger, MDChristine Weinberger, MD

Dr. Weinberger is an Assistant Professor in the Dermatology Medicine division of the UVM Department of Medicine. Her research interests include dermatologic surgery, high-risk squamous cell carcinoma, and skin cancer. She also serves as a dermatologist with the UVM Medical Center. (Session 1.9)

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Julia Wick, MS, LCMHCJulia Wick, MS, LCMHC

Julia Wick is a licensed clinical mental health counselor whose work focuses primarily on health and wellness, with a particular emphasis on emotional issues related to cancer and medical challenges. Julia is a clinician on staff at the University of Vermont Cancer Center and sees individuals facing cancer as well as families and loved ones who are in the vital role of caregiver. She has extensive experience in the counseling field and finds her work with those affected by cancer especially meaningful. (Session 1.1)

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