University of Vermont

The 19th Annual Women's Health and Cancer Conference



Conference Agenda

Lunch Sessions: 12:00-1:00 PM


Lunch options are by reservation only.


1: Plated Lunch and Keynote Presentation

Melissa Volansky, MD

Melissa Volansky, MD, a family physician in Stowe, Vermont and UVM College of Medicine alumna will share her perspective on the cancer experience. Her own cancer diagnosis was made public when her husband, Vermont House Speaker Shap Smith, suspended his gubernatorial campaign in order to support her and her family as Dr. Volansky received treatment. She will share her perspective gained from experiencing cancer as both a doctor and a patient. Plated lunches will be served in the Emerald III Ballroom. The purchase of a plated lunch is required to attend the keynote presentation.


2: Cancer Biology 101NPT

Alan Howe, PhD*

Where does cancer begin? How does it grow and spread? This session will provide a breakdown of the biology behind cancer, providing a better understanding of its origins and how research is advancing treatment.


3: Film Presentation: The Civics of Dying Well

Presented by Vermont PBS, this session will offer a filmed presentation by BJ Miller, MD, the Senior Director and Advocate of the Zen Hospice Project. The presentation focuses on how Dr. Miller’s personal experience fundamentally altered his views on cancer care.


4: Case Presentations for Radiologic TechnologistsRT

Erin Tsai, MD

Radiologic technologists and other health care providers come across many interesting cases throughout the cancer treatment process, and this session will provide some of the more intriguing examples. Case presentations from the early stage of treatment through the end processes will be presented and discussed. This session is targeted specifically toward radiologic technologists.


5: PROVIDER TRACK: Drug Toxicity: What to be Aware of During the Treatment ProcessPNRTSW

Megan Hinton, PharmD

Cancer therapies are constantly shifting, with changing side effects profiles and toxicities. It is the health care team’s responsibility to be aware of the wide variety of potential complications of a patient’s therapy, both old and new. This session will explore both the typical chemotherapy and immunochemotherapy drug toxicities, and how to recognize potentially serious situations early. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.


6: Physical Therapy for the Patient with Advanced CancerPT

Patti O'Brien, MD, PT*

This is a session for physical therapists that provide care for patients with advanced cancer and will focus on end of life care and support. Patients with progressive disease may need a variety of services and this will be a discussion of cases as to how PT can work with hematology and oncology to support mobility, pain control, lymphedema, wound care, and patient education. This session is targeted specifically toward physical therapists.


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