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Vermont Cancer Center's 17th Annual Breast Cancer Conference



Conference Agenda

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Lunch Sessions


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Looking for Avoidable Causes of Breast Cancer: No Trivial Pursuit!PNND / Tom Ahern, PhD, MPH / The premise of cause and effect drives epidemiologists, scientists that deal with incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases, in their hunt for avoidable causes of breast cancer. In this talk, Dr. Ahern will explain a theory which focuses current research efforts to find highly prevalent, yet avoidable, contributors in the development of breast cancer which, if mitigated, substantially reduce the burden of breast cancer in a population.


L-1 Lymphedema Awareness: Developing a Lymphedema Awareness Program for Breast Cancer SurvivorsNPT / Kathy Weatherly / Lymphedema is a chronic swelling and chronic challenge for many cancer patients. In this discussion Kathy will discuss methods of education and self-monitoring methods that PTs can use in their community to help breast cancer patients. Therapists will learn to develop an action plan for each patient, including taking monthly measurements and tips to help them reduce their risk of developing lymphedema. Materials will be made available for lymphedema specialists to utilize in their communities.


L-2 PHYSICIAN TRACK: Cardiac Disease and Breast CancerPPT / Susan G. Lakoski, MD / Treatment for breast cancer may have increased risk factors for heart disease, and care providers need to understand these risk factors and integrate them into the standard risk factors such as obesity, lipid profile, smoking, DM, and inactivity. This talk is geared for the care provider that needs to screen breast cancer survivors for heart disease. Testing guidelines, symptom management and interventions will be discussed. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other healthcare professionals.


L-3 Paddle Your Way to Recovery and Feel Alive! / Linda Dyer / Come learn about our unique support group where the focus is on living, not on the disease. We are Dragonheart Vermont. Together, we breast cancer survivors have taken on this challenging paddle sport while learning the true meaning of teamwork. No age limit or athletic experience is necessary. The Dragonheart Vermont Sisters paddle together on Lake Champlain all summer and race around the world together. Come learn about our trip to Italy where we raced in the World Club Crew Championships. We are paddling our way to wellness and loving every moment!


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