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The 18th Annual Women's Health and Breast Cancer Conference



Conference Agenda

Please note that the agenda is subject to change.


Session Six (3:15-4:05 PM)


6-1: What to Do If You Find a LumpPNRTSW / Ted James, MD / This session will describe what women and their health care providers should do if they are faced with a situation where they find a lump in their breast. Information about signs of breast cancer, approaches to making a diagnosis and treatment considerations for a confirmed breast cancer will be discussed. Participants will learn how to improve their ability to navigate the health care system to optimize quality and outcomes when dealing with a breast-related problem.

6-2: Breast LymphedemaNPTRT / Kristi Johnson, PT, CLT-LANA / This session will cover the myths and mysteries of lymphedema specifically related to breast edema. Learning objectives are to obtain a basic understanding of: the lymphatic system, breast related lymphedema, risks and precautions, as well as some treatment options.

6-3: What’s New in Radiation OncologyPNPTRT / Rick Lovett, MD / This session discusses the principles of radiation and how tissue sparing is accomplished, the new advances in radiation treatments, and how individualized radiation treatments are designed..

6-4: What You Need to Know about Melanoma and Nonmelanoma Skin CancerPT / Glenn Goldman, MD / Vermont has one of the highest rates per capita of skin cancer in the United States. This session will talk about the importance of sun safety and how you can help protect yourself from melanoma and other skin cancers.

6-5: Oncology Rehabilitation: Steps to WellnessPNPTRTSW / Kim Dittus, MD, PhD, Britta Nelson, BS, Diane Stevens, PT / Steps to Wellness is a comprehensive Oncology Rehab program for cancer survivors. The components of this evidenced-based exercise program will be presented by the team providing this service. It is also a research program and current research findings including implications for exercise recommendations will be presented. Fitness, strength, balance, and mobility can all be affected by cancer and cancer treatments. How a structured exercise program can improve these areas will be addressed. Individuals interested in joining the program will find the overview helpful as well as professionals wishing to expand their own cancer survivorship knowledge in the area of exercise.

6-6: Is There Sex After Cancer? Reviving Your Sex Life After CancerPNSW / Gale Golden, LICSW, BCD / When an illness occurs, the accompanying treatments, medications and surgeries may diminish desire for sex and intimacy. Even in the best of relationships, an open discussion about sex may be daunting and thus avoided. This discussion will offer practical help on starting the dialogue and reviving the comfort of an intimate and sexual relationship. Help is on its way!

6-7 PROVIDER TRACK: The Use of Opiates During Cancer TreatmentPNSW / Mark Pasanen, MD / The use of opiates to treat cancer symptoms and relieve pain can be extremely beneficial to patients, but it also carries risks if misused. This session will discuss the responsible prescribing of opiates, including strategies to monitor for risks and benefits. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals. Please note that this session will run until 4:15 pm.

6-8: Culinary Demonstration / Join local chefs for a culinary demonstration outside G’s Restaurant. This demo will give you a chance to learn some nutritional recipes and techniques that you can apply to create fast, healthy, and delicious meals anywhere and anytime.

6-9: Art As Healing / Lynn Balman, EdD and Carolyn Subin, PhD / Express yourself with watercolors. Tap into your creative side—maybe one you never knew you had—to enhance your healing and joy. No experience or artistic skills necessary. Let Carolyn bring out the artiste in you! Lynne Balman will lead into this activity with a description of Survivorship NOW (Network on Wellness) now offering over 55 free classes monthly for adult survivors of all cancer. Carolyn Subin is an instructor for Survivorship NOW.


6-11: A Brief Primer of Cytotoxic ChemotherapyPN / Robert Cade, PharmD / This session will provide an overview of chemotherapy, including the definition and therapeutic goals of the the various clinical settings in which it is used (e.g. adjuvant, neoadjuvant, etc.). A high-level overview of the most common classes of cytotoxic antineoplastics will follow. The discussion will focus on one or two commonly used members of each class, emphasizing their pharmacology and describing two or three of the most important adverse effects and the clinical management thereof. This session is intended specifically for nurses and other providers.


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