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The 18th Annual Women's Health and Breast Cancer Conference



Conference Agenda

Please note that the agenda is subject to change.


Session Five (2:15-3:05 PM)


5-1: Everyday Chemical Exposures and Breast Cancer: Why are We Concerned? What can We Do?N / Janet Gray, PhD / Many common products we use in our everyday life contain chemicals, including endocrine disrupting compounds, which have been linked to increased risk for developing breast cancer (and many other diseases). We will look at some of the scientific evidence that raises concerns about these chemicals, and then talk about ways that we as individuals can decrease exposures. And we will talk very briefly about pending federal policy and market-based initiatives that, if implemented, would make our homes and environment safer.


5-2: Vermont-New Hampshire Susan G. Komen Grant Workshop / Terry Farkas / This session will discuss the various breast cancer programs currently being funded by the Vermont/New Hampshire affiliate of Susan G. Komen and the unique nature of Komen Community Grants. Additionally, it will offer a presentation on how your breast health program can become involved in the granting process.

5-3: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Breast Cancer Diagnosis and TreatmentPNPTRTSW / Maureen Harmon, MD, Deborah Rubin, MD, Mary Stanley, MD, Erin Tsai, MD, and Paul Unger, MD / Current breast cancer care involves the coordination of multiple medical disciplines: surgery, pathology, radiology, and specialists in chemotherapy and radiation treatment. In this session you will sit in on a reenactment of a weekly breast cancer case conference where specialists review clinical, radiologic, and pathologic findings of patients recently diagnosed with breast cancer and discuss the best approaches to treatment.

5-4: Paddle Your Way to Recovery with Dragonheart Vermont / Penni Cross / This session is geared to those who desire to focus on living, not on the disease. We are Dragonheart Vermont. Together, breast cancer survivors have taken on this challenging paddle sport while learning the true meaning of teamwork. No age limit or athletic experience is necessary. The Dragonheart Vermont Sisters paddle together on Lake Champlain all summer and race around the world together. Come learn about a special sister/brotherhood and about our trip to Florida where we raced with breast cancer teams from all around the world. We are paddling our way to wellness and recovery. Loving every moment!

5-5: An Overview of Lower Extremity LymphedemaNPT / Elaine Perry, PT, CLT-LANA and Patricia Selsky, PT / This panel discussion will cover what lymphedema is, who is at risk for it, basic treatment reviews, and risk reduction. Tools used to treat lymphedema will be discussed in detail.

5-6: Lung Cancer 101 / Garth Garrison, MD / Lung cancer isn’t just a smoker’s disease, and it is one of the most serious cancers for both men and women. This session will discuss screening, prevention, survivorship, and other important information, including new screening guidelines and resources.

5-7: Cancer, Fat, and Exercise: What's the Connection?PNPTSW / Mary Chamberlin, MD / This session will review the data on studies evaluating the connection between physical activity and cancer, the effectiveness of interventions, and the biology behind it all with a focus on lipogenesis (the making of fat).

5-8: What’s New in Breast Cancer Reconstruction?PNPTRTSW / Robert Nesbit, MD / In this session, we will focus on newer techniques for reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. Some of the techniques discussed may include oncoplastic surgery after lumpectomy, nipple sparing mastectomy, and new technologies that may improve reconstructive outcomes.

5-9: Cardiovascular Health and Cancer: Why You Might Feel Tired Climbing that Hill! / Patti O'Brien, MD / Cancer itself and some of the treatments used to help treat cancer can cause changes in your heart and
lungs that can make even everyday tasks difficult. Understanding why you might feel short of breath can help you problem solve and better respond to these unexpected changes in our bodies. The human body is amazing, but it can be frightening if you feel like it is not working the way it used to and you are not sure why. This will be a blend of personal stories, physiology, and hopefully some humor to help you realize you are not the only one that may feel short of breath. Various tests that can be done to help diagnose the problem will discussed. The goal is to help you understand your symptoms so you can better communicate your concerns with your health care team.

5-10: PROVIDER TRACK: The Many Benefits of Palliative Care as a Part of a Comprehensive Cancer TeamPNPTRTSW / Jonna Goulding, MD / Palliative care is an essential piece of treatment about which many providers need to know more. This session will discuss palliative treatments from a provider’s standpoint and give a comprehensive discussion on how every provider can benefit from knowing more about this field. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals. Please note that this session will run until 3:15 pm.

5-11 Coffee Chats / Bring your coffee and enjoy a casual session in the Emerald III ballroom. Coffee chats available in this time slot will include:

  • Fight Cancer Deliciously! / Chef Curtiss Hemm / Knowing your food and what's in it is an important step toward living a healthier lifestyle. Chef Curtiss Hemm will talk about some simple ways that you can improve your diet to descrease your cancer risk and increase your chances of survival. Learn how to fight cancer deliciously!

  • Meet and Greet for Colorectal Cancer Patients and Survivors / Misty Hammond / Take a moment to say hello to your fellow patients and survivors. This meet and greet will provide an opportunity for people who have experienced colorectal cancer to share their stories and learn about what helped other people in the same position. This is an opportunity to meet new people and share your experiences!

  • Meet and Greet for Skin Cancer Patients and Survivors / Brent Devenney, RN, OCN, MDiv / Take a moment to say hello to your fellow patients and survivors. This meet and greet will provide an opportunity for people who have experienced skin cancer to share their stories and learn about what helped other people in the same position. This is an opportunity to meet new people and share your experiences!

  • Positive Imagery Techniques for When Tomorrow is Chemo Day / Liz Perkins, MS / Relaxing and focusing the mind can help some people improve their physical recovery. This coffee chat will discuss the benefits of guided visualization, providing a short and simple exercise that can help improve your attitude and emotional wellbeing.
  • The UVM Cancer Center: Your Local Cancer Resource / Sarah Keblin / The UVM Cancer Center is a comprehensive clinical and research cancer center that combines the pillars of patient care, cancer research, education, and support. This is your chance to learn about your local cancer center and find out what we have to offer. This coffee chat will answer your questions about the UVM Cancer Center, our recent achievements in the fields of cancer research and support, and give you a glimpse of what the future holds for cancer care in Vermont.

5-12 Culinary Demonstration / Abbey Duke / Join Abbey Duke from Sugar Snap for a culinary demonstration outside G’s Restaurant. This demo will give you a chance to learn some nutritional recipes and techniques that you can apply to create fast, healthy, and delicious meals anywhere and anytime.

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