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Vermont Cancer Center's 17th Annual Breast Cancer Conference



Conference Agenda

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Session Five


5-1: Are There Choices in Fertility Management after Breast Cancer?PNSW / Elizabeth McGee, MDVCC / What are the options for fertility and family building after one has been treated for breast cancer? How can you know if you are still fertile? Can infertility be treated? Is it safe? Could it be an option for me? This session will answer these and other important questions about fertility management after breast cancer.


5-2: PHYSICIAN TRACK: The Many Benefits of Palliative Care as a Part of a Comprehensive Cancer TeamPNPTSW / Jaina Clough, MD / Palliative care is an essential piece of treatment that many providers need to know more about. This session will discuss palliative treatments from a provider's standpoint and give a comprehensive discussion on how every provider can benefit from knowing more about this field. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals. Please note that in order to fill the palliative care portion of the new CME requirements, this session will run until 3:15 pm.

5-3: Everyday Chemical Exposures and Breast Cancer: Why are We Concerned? What can We Do?NND / Janet Gray, PhD / Many common products we use in our everyday life contain chemicals, including endocrine disrupting compounds, which have been linked to increased risk for developing breast cancer (and many other diseases). We will look at some of the scientific evidence that raises concerns about these chemicals, and then talk about ways that we as individuals can decrease exposures. And we will talk very briefly about pending federal policy and market-based initiatives that, if implemented, would make our homes and environment safer.

5-4: Management of the Axilla in 2014: Can the Past Guide the Future?NPTRT / Kari Rosenkranz, MD / The role of axillary surgery in the management of breast cancer has been a constantly evolving thing over the years. This session will explore the history of this procedure and discuss what the past can tell us about the future of treatment.

5-5: Clinical Trials and YouPNNDPTRTSW / Chris Holmes, MD, PhDVCC / Clinical trials are among the greatest weapons we have in fighting cancer. This panel discussion will explore the world of clinical trials, how they help find new treatments for cancer, and how you can become a part of this important process.

5-6: Aromatase Inhibitors: Managing Pain, Hot Flashes, and Bone and Sexual HealthPNPT / Joanna Schwartz, PharmD / This session will focus on emerging data and treatments for aromatase inhibitor-induced muscle and joint pains, vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse, and bone health. Dr Schwartz, who is a pharmacist, will also provide information on access to the treatments in the studies, such as if they are over-the-counter, prescription only, or compounding pharmacy only.

5-7: What to do When you Find a Breast LumpNRTSW / Ted James, MDVCC / This session is geared for anyone who wants to understand the nature of breast lumps and what to do when you find one. The talk will review the various causes of breast lumps and walk participants through the diagnostic process for evaluating a new breast lump. Recommendations to ensure timely, safe and high-quality care will be discussed.

5-8: What’s New in Breast Cancer Reconstruction?PNPTRTSW / Robert Nesbit, MD / In this session, we will focus on newer techniques for reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. Some of the techniques discussed may include oncoplastic surgery after lumpectomy, nipple sparing mastectomy, and new technologies that may improve reconstructive outcomes.

5-9: Komen for the Cure Grant Workshop / Terry Farkas / We will discuss the various breast cancer programs currently being funded by the Vermont/New Hampshire affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the unique nature of Komen Community Grants. Additionally, we will offer a presentation on how your breast health program can become involved in our granting process.

5-10: Grow Your Wellness and Joy After Cancer : Survivorship NOW VT / Linda Dyer and Susie McNamara / Come learn about Dragonheart’s Survivorship NOW free weekly cancer wellness programs. Up your fitness and strength. Tap into your creative side. Stir up some delicious healthy meals. Broaden your mind and your connections. Find out how you can be a part of these empowering programs as a participant or presenter. It’s all about empowering all cancer survivors in our community to live life well.

5-11 Coffee Chats / Bring your coffee and enjoy a casual session in the Emerald III ballroom. Coffee chats available in this time slot will include:

  • You are What you Breathe / Martin Wolf
  • Light, Darkness, Color, and Sound in Healing / Martha Loving
  • Performing a Self Breast Exam / UVM Nursing Students
  • Fight Cancer Deliciously! / Chef Curtiss Hemm
  • Coping with the Physical and Emotional Pain of Cancer Treatment / Suzanne Hall, RN, BSW
  • Laughter-cize and You / Traci Pena

5-12 Culinary DemonstrationND / Join local chefs for a culinary demonstration outside G’s Restaurant. This demo will give you a chance to learn some nutritional recipes and techniques that you can apply to create fast, healthy, and delicious meals anywhere and anytime.

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