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Vermont Cancer Center's 17th Annual Breast Cancer Conference



Conference Agenda

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Session Three

3-1: Screening: When, How Often, and Why?PNPTRTSW / Tracy Dolan, Sally Herschorn, MDVCC, Benjamin Littenberg, MD, Donal Weaver, MDVCC, and Marie Wood, MDVCC / Screening guidelines change from state to state and from person to person, but what does that mean for you? This panel will discuss the multiple screening guidelines out there, explain why recommendations differ, and help you figure out how to make the choice that is best for you.


3-2: PHYSICIAN TRACK: Cancer and Venous Thrombosis: Risk Factors, Treatment, and PreventionPNPTRT / Neil Zakai, MDVCC / Venous thrombosis is a common complication of malignancy which affects both the quality and the quantity of life. It is important to understand the risk factors for cancer-associated thrombosis, the appropriate treatment, and novel prevention strategies in order to provide the highest quality care. In this session, we will discuss the risk factors and treatments for cancer-associated thrombosis and novel prevention strategies. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.


3-3: What Health Care Reform Means for You / Catherine Hamilton, PhD, J. Chris Nunnink, MD , Alan Ramsay, MD / The last year has seen huge changes in health care across the country. These changes have an impact on the choices available to patients during diagnosis and treatment. This session will explain the BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont health care exchange, new health care reform laws, and how they interact with cancer treatment and prevention.


3-4: The Road to Advocacy and Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® / Nancy Ryan, BA and Susan Pelletier / Join two National Breast Cancer Coalition advocates to learn how to get involved, take action and end breast cancer!  Educated consumer advocates help to steer breast cancer research, pass critical breast cancer legislation and guide breast cancer public policy.  Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® is the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s call to action for researchers, policymakers, breast cancer advocates and all other interested parties, to know, by January 1, 2020, how to end deaths from breast cancer.


3-5: What to Expect When you Get Called Back from your Routine Screening MammogramNRTSW / Elise Hotaling, MD / Approximately 10% of patients undergoing a screening mammogram are called back to further evaluate a finding seen on the initial images. Such findings may include calcifications, densities, and masses, any one of which may be a sign of benign or malignant disease. This presentation discusses the tools breast imagers use to complete this additional evaluation and what you can expect as a result.


3-6: Brighten Up: Bright Pink’s™ Educational Workshop on Breast and Ovarian Health / Betsey Wesson / The Brighten Up Educational Workshop is a signature program that educates and inspires young women to be proactive advocates for their health. Facilitated by a certified Bright Pink Ambassador, these sessions ground participants in the basics of breast and ovarian health, introduce them to early detection techniques, and equip them with life-saving knowledge. Immediately following the workshop, participants receive access to tools that can help them calculate their personal level of cancer risk, develop an action plan in partnership with their doctor, and monitor for symptoms and signs of cancer.


3-7: Ovarian Cancer TreatmentsPNNDPTRT / Elise Everett, MD / This session will discuss the treatments used to treat ovarian cancer at various stages, side effect management, and research for new therapies. An overview of surgical and medical interventions used.


3-8: Genetic Testing and Inherited Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Patient Perspectives / Wendy McKinnon, MS / This panel discussion includes several individuals who have undergone genetic counseling and testing for the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes. These two genes are associated with the majority of inherited breast and ovarian cancers. There will be a variety of results and a range of perspectives on the testing process. Anyone interested in learning more about the BRCA1/BRCA2 counseling and testing process is encouraged to attend.


3-9: Evaluating Safety and Efficacy of Novel Drug Therapies: The Journey from Early Testing to FDA Approval / Bernard Cole, PhD / This presentation will provide an overview of the process that new drugs must go through before they may be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  We will discuss early- and intermediate-phase clinical testing, where emphasis is typically focused on dosing, safety and preliminary evaluation of efficacy. We will then introduce the randomized clinical trial and its importance in modern medicine. The presentation will include a summary of the studies and process leading to the recent FDA approval of pertuzumab for two indications in breast cancer.


3-10: Spirituality as a Cornerstone of CopingNSW / Rebecca Brooks, Patricia Fontaine, MACP, and Roz Grossman, MA For many of us, a deep relationship with spirituality keeps us company during the healing journey with cancer. This panel of survivors, each with a different spiritual connection, offers reflections on what this relationship means to them. We welcome your questions and will leave plenty of time to reflect as a group on your own journeys.


3-11: Culinary Demonstration: Simple, Healthy, and DeliciousND / Chef Curtiss Hemm / If you are a breast cancer survivor, caregiver or simply looking to lessen your risk of breast cancer this presentation is for you. Increasingly studies indicate that a healthy diet can lessen a person's lifetime risk for several cancers, including breast cancer. This seminar will show that healthy eating and taking control of your diet does not have to be complicated, bland or boring. Chef Curtiss from Pink Ribbon Cooking will showcase several examples of simple and healthy cooking; proving just how easy a healthy diet can be to prepare.


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