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The 18th Annual Women's Health and Breast Cancer Conference



Conference Agenda

Please note that the agenda is subject to change.


Session Three (11:00-11:50 AM)

3-1: Genetic Testing and Inherited Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Patient Perspectives / Wendy McKinnon, MS / This panel discussion includes several individuals who have undergone genetic counseling and testing for the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes. These two genes are associated with the majority of inherited breast and ovarian cancers. There will be a variety of results and a range of perspectives on the testing process. Anyone interested in learning more about the BRCA1/BRCA2 counseling and testing process is encouraged to attend.


3-2: Philanthropy and Cancer: A Necessary Match / Manon O'Connor / Reduced federal funding for research has made philanthropy not only relevant, but critical. More than ever, private funding is playing a significant role in the support and success of cancer research. This presentation and discussion will highlight the impact that donor funds, from small events to major donors, have on advancing cancer research and improving care. In addition we will explore strategies and novel approaches to gaining private support for valuable research and patient/caregiver needs.


3-3: Healing Through Play: Strategies to Care for Self and Family / Ali Waltien, MA, CCLS and Julia Wick, MS, LCMHC / In this experiential session, a licensed clinical mental health counselor and a certified child life specialist acknowledge that cancer impacts all members of the family. Using therapeutic play techniques, they will work with adult participants to give them tools to address the many emotions of cancer both to support themselves and all members of the family.


3-4: Art As Healing / Lynn Balman, EdD and Carolyn Subin, PhD / Express yourself with watercolors. Tap into your creative side—maybe one you never knew you had—to enhance your healing and joy. No experience or artistic skills necessary. Let Carolyn bring out the artiste in you! Lynne Balman will lead into this activity with a description of Survivorship NOW (Network on Wellness) now offering over 55 free classes monthly for adult survivors of all cancer. Carolyn Subin is an instructor for Survivorship NOW.


3-5: Ovarian Cancer Treatments / Elise Everett, MD / This session will discuss the treatments used for ovarian cancer at various stages, side effect management, and research for new therapies. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of the role of surgery, chemotherapy, and new biological agents in the treatment of ovarian cancer.


3-6: Spirituality as a Cornerstone of CopingNSW / Rebecca Brooks, Patricia Fontaine, MACP, and Roz Grossman, MA / For many of us, a deep relationship with spirituality keeps us company during the healing journey with cancer. This panel of survivors, each with a different spiritual connection, offers reflections on what this relationship means to them. We welcome your questions and will leave plenty of time to reflect as a group on your own journeys.


3-7: Medicinal Marijuana and You / Bridget Conry, BA and Shayne Lynn, BA; Champlain Valley Dispensary and Southern Vermont Wellness / This panel will give an overview of the Vermont State Medical Marijuana for Symptom Relief Program including: how to register as a patient, home cultivation versus dispensary options and the products and services available at dispensaries.


3-8: What to Expect When You Get Called Back From Your Routine Screening MammogramNRTSW / Elise Hotaling, MD / Approximately 10% of patients undergoing a screening mammogram are called back to further evaluate a finding seen on the initial images. Such findings may include calcifications, densities, and masses, any one of which may be a sign of benign or malignant disease. This presentation discusses the tools breast imagers use to complete this additional evaluation and what you can expect as a result.


3-9: Cancer Survivor Care Plans: Avoid These Awkward Breaks / Penelope Gibson, PA / A survivor care plan is essential to making sure your journey following treatment is a healthy and satisfying one. This session will describe and discuss the use of cancer survivor transition plans to help patients and health care providers work together to deliver the best care.


3-10: PROVIDER TRACK: A Provider's Perspective on Integrative Medicine / Andrea Fossati, MD / Integrative medicine can provide patients and health care providers alike with more options when it comes to both treatment and survivorship. This session will explore the realm of integrative care and how providers can safely incorporate it with traditional treatments in order to provide the best possible experience for their patients. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.


3-11: Culinary Demonstration / Chef Curtiss Hemm / Join Chef Curtiss Hemm from Pink Ribbon Cooking for a culinary demonstration outside G’s Restaurant. This demo will give you a chance to learn some nutritional recipes and techniques that you can apply to create fast, healthy, and delicious meals anywhere and anytime.


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