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Friday, October 10, 2014
Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center, Burlington, Vermont

Vermont Cancer Center's 17th Annual Breast Cancer Conference

Breast Cancer Conference Vermont Cancer Center University of Vermont College of Medicine

Save the Date!

The 17th Annual Breast Cancer Conference will be held on Friday, October 10th at the Sheraton in Burlington. Join us to discuss choices and voices in breast and women's health!

Make sure to mark your calendars for the conference! Pre-registration begins on July 25th!


Exhibitor registration is open. Click here if you wish to register as an exhibitor.

Choices and Voices in Breast and Women's Health

The world of healthcare is rapidly changing, and there are more choices to be made now than ever when it comes to health and wellness. The 17th Annual Breast Cancer Conference will help you identify resources and empower your voice when it comes to the prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship of cancer. We will help you face important choices such as:

  • What lifestyle choices can I make to decrease my risk of cancer?

  • What are my screening options?

  • What are the options for me if I have hereditary risk of cancer?

  • How do I empower myself to make choices through knowledge of the latest cancer research and treatment options?

  • How can spirituality, art, and movement contribute to wellness and healing?

  • What resources are available in my area to support me in wellness and survivorship?

  • How will health insurance and policy changes affect cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship?

Please join us for:

  • More than 80 sessions and interactive workshops

  • Culinary demos to give you healthy and delicious ways to reduce cancer risk and enhance wellness

  • Informal coffee chats with select speakers

  • An exhibits fair with more than 60 resources showcased

  • Yoga sessions, massages, Reiki and more


Women older than 40 should discuss their risk factors for developing breast cancer with their primary care provider and tailor their screening according to their risk and personal preferences. Women who are younger than 40 and have risk factors for breast cancer should discuss these risk factors with their health care provider to determine whether screening mammograms are appropriate for them and how often to have them.

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Over 120 physicians and scientists at the Vermont Cancer Center at the University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care are engaged in a full range of basic, translational, clinical, and outcomes research that seeks to uncover new knowledge and understanding about cancer and the issues that affect people with the disease. Highlighted here are a few current research projects led by VCC members.

Poster Session

The Vermont Cancer Center will host this year the Research Poster Session at the Breast Cancer Conference. University of Vermont Undergraduates, Master's Students, Medical Students, Pre-docs and Post-docs are invited to present posters on breast cancer-related research. This important event brings education and support to breast cancer survivors. As a researcher you will have the opportunity to meet with cancer survivors and introduce your research.

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