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Vermont Interdisciplinary Leadership Education for Health Professionals; Vermont's LEND Program

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Required Internship Experience

In addition to the core curriculum, T/F spend 50-60 hours in an internship experience.  These activities include:
Family Connection: A guided interview with a family focused on understanding the family experience of raising a child with special needs
Interdisciplinary Consultation: Current Fellows bring a challenging leadership or clinical situation to the interdisciplinary team

Internship Opportunities (this is not an inclusive list, individual decisions made based on learning needs & site availability)

  • VT Health Dept. Children with Special Health Needs (CSHN) and Child Development Clinic VT I-Team
  • VT I-Team
  • Pediatric Medical Homes
  • Children's Integrated Services (CIS) teams
  • The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital clinics
  • VT State Autism Consultant
  • Policy internships
  • 1:1 matching with LEND faculty, field experts and/or consultants

NOTE: Core Curriculum and clinical practica are refined annually; some activities may change.

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