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Research Lab of Dwight Matthews, Ph.D.


Areas of interest: stable isotopes.

We use mass spectrometry to measure stable isotopically labeled compounds. With these compounds we study metabolism in humans.We also use mass spectrometry to measure peptides and proteins in the area of proteomics.

Lab Team

Name/Email Title Phone
Bin Deng, Ph.D. Research Associate (802) 656-9722
David Ebenstein Senior Research Technician (802) 656-9647
Lei Hu Graduate Assistant (802) 656-5065
Yue Luo Graduate Assistant (802) 656-5065
Margo Mertz Administrative Assistant (802) 656-2667
Bruce O'Rourke Researcher/Analyst (802) 656-9648
Chris Potter Senior Research Technician (802) 656-0775
Micheal Previs Graduate Assistant (802) 656-8654

Programs & Projects

Much of our research is focused upon amino acid and protein metabolism in humans. Students are encouraged as part of their thesis work to apply methods developed to clinical studies of metabolism in humans. Many simple metabolic questions have never been answered in humans. We do not know which pathways regulate the metabolism of several important amino acids in humans.

We do not know how protein and amino acid metabolism is regulated in the body to maintain protein stores or why the body accelerates oxidation of amino acids in states of stress, trauma, or sepsis using protein stores to the point of being life threatening.

Mass spectrometry has been widely applied for compound identification, but precise measurement of isotopes in biological compounds has received less attention. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, and isotope ratio mass spectrometry instrumentation are all available and are used for research in our group to measure stable isotope ratio tracers in biological samples.

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