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Research and Evaluation

Welcome to the list of active VCHIP Research and Evaluation projects. The information below provides a brief overview of the selected research area. Please select from the following links for a more detailed project summary and contact information.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluation

  • As part of a three-year grant to improve services for children and youth with ASD, partnerships were built between professionals and families of children and youth with ASD to ensure access to a high quality medical more.

Evaluation of the Vermont Child Trauma Collaboration (VCTC)

  • VCHIP has contracted with the Vermont Department of Mental Health to develop and promote effective community practices for children and adolescents experiencing more.

Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) Systems Integration Evaluation

  • VCHIP provides evaluation support to the Vermont Department of Health's Children with Special Health Needs Program to transform the existing systems of care for children with special health care needs in more.

SAMHSA: Suicide Prevention Evaluation

  • This statewide effort engages a broad range of Vermont schools and agencies facilitating training for suicide prevention gatekeepers to learn about the signs of suicidality, appropriate responses, and how to connect young people with needed more.

Vermont Blueprint for Health Evaluation

  • Launched in 2003, the Blueprint has become a learning health system that evolves to meet the needs of providers and improve the health outcomes of all more.

Youth In Transition Evaluation

  • This six year project is aimed to improve the system of care for Vermont's transition-aged youth and young adults to ensure that they have adequate preparation and the necessary supports to be productively engaged in the more.



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