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Kerlikowske K, Zhu W, Tosteson AN, Sprague BL, Tice JA, Lehman CD, Miglioretti DL; Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium. (2015) Identifying Women with Dense Breasts at High Risk for Interval Cancer: A Cohort Study. Ann Intern Med. 162(10):673-81. doi: 10.7326/M14-1465.

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The Vermont Breast Cancer Surveillance System

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Excellence in Collaborative Research to Promote High Quality Health Care

Since 1994, the Vermont Breast Cancer Surveillance System (VBCSS) has been capturing screening and diagnostic breast imaging data, follow-up pathology and cancer registry data for all women in the state of Vermont. Our statewide breast cancer surveillance system provides a framework to evaluate issues surrounding breast cancer screening and diagnosis. In addition to our research, we provide quality assurance reports to all breast imaging centers in the state that are used to monitor and improve the effectiveness of breast cancer screening programs in Vermont as we strive for earlier diagnosis and reduction of mortality from breast cancer.

We are one of the 7 core sites of the national Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium and we were recently funded by the National Cancer Institute as a PROSPR Research Center to conduct research to improve the cancer screening process.

Risk-Based Screening

Our ultimate goal is to identify the most effective risk-based screening strategies that also minimizes the harms of screening.

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Evaluation of New Screening Technologies

We are seeking to evaluate the performance of advanced imaging technologies and determine patient subgroups for whom advanced imaging technologies are most appropriate.

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Prognostic Factors for DCIS

Improving the ability to discriminate indolent DCIS from clinically relevant DCIS is an urgent priority for improving the breast cancer screening process.

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