University of Vermont

College of Medicine

Toth Laboratory



Undergraduate, PhD and MD/PhD students, Post-doctoral fellows, MD fellows:

The goal of our laboratory is to develop more effective preventative and rehabilitative interventions to treat physical disability in the settings of acute/chronic disease, muscle disuse and aging. To accomplish this goal, we perform studies that seek to define the fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to skeletal muscle atrophy and dysfunction. The rationale for this approach is that this knowledge will allow for the development of more effective interventions that are targeted directly at the pathophysiological mechanisms that contribute to disability. Because of this translational approach, our lab provides an array of research training experiences that can span the range from the bench to the bedside.

We are always looking for enthusiastic young scientists/clinicians to join our team. Opportunities exist for federally funded postdoctoral and graduate studies. If interested, please contact Dr. Toth to discuss the possibility of becoming a member of our research group.

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