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Recent research

We found that cancer alters skeletal muscle myofilament and mitochondrial structure and function in ways that may contribute to cancer-related functional disability, one of the most common and troublesome side effect of the disease and its treatment.

Toth Laboratory

Toth Laboratory University of Vermont College of Medicine

Translational Studies of Human Skeletal Muscle

Our studies evaluate skeletal muscle structure, function and metabolism at the whole body, tissue, single cell and molecular level in humans using a variety of research techniques. The focus of these studies is to understand the effects of:

  • acute/chronic disease,
  • muscle disuse and
  • aging.

Our long-range goal is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms whereby these conditions regulate skeletal muscle size, metabolism and function and the potential utility of therapeutic interventions to counter physical disability.

Acute/chronic disease

On-going projects strive to understand how acute and chronic disease impairs muscle function and the utility of rehabilitative interventions to prevent/correct these defects.

Muscle disuse

On-going projects seek to determine in elderly volunteers how skeletal muscle adapts to chronic muscle disuse and the remedial effects of resistance exercise training.


On-going projects focus on defining how aging affects skeletal muscle functionality at the whole muscle, single fiber and molecular levels.

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