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Audiocast FAQ

  1. What is recorded?

    At the start of every course, students are given an excel file to import into their calendars. Those same files are imported into the Audiocast system. If the description starts with "Lecture:" and it takes place in Carpenter Auditorium, Hall A or Med Ed 200, then it is scheduled to record. At the scheduled class start time, the system starts up and records anything spoken into the wireless microphone and it records until the scheduled end of the class.

  2. How can I listen to the files?

    Not all web browsers have native support for displaying podcasts. Internet Explorer 7 or higher does.Using Internet Explorer, click on the COM Audiocasts button in COMET. Click on the link to the lecture (the one next to the headphones icon) - the file should play in the browser window using QuickTime.

  3. How can I save the files to my computer

    Using Internet Explorer 7, click on the COM Audiocasts button in COMET. Right click on the link to the lecture (the one next to the headphones icon) and then click Save Target As. Save the file on your C: drive NOT your H: drive.

  4. What is the time after the course name?

    That is the "Publication Date" and is derived from the last modified date of the file. Generally, an 8:00 AM class will have a Publication Date of roughly 9:00 AM.

  5. I see nothing but gibberish (xml) when I go to the COM Audiocasts link. What's wrong?

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and higher interprets and displays RSS feeds in a usable way so the first thing to do is make sure you are using IE7 or higher (student laptops have IE8 installed by default). If you are using IE7or higher and you still see the raw xml, try going back to a page that isn't the RSS file and clearing your temporary internet files. To do this, click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete (under Browsing History) -> Delete Files (under Temporary Internet Files).

    If that fails or you are having the same problem with all RSS feeds, click on
    Tools -> Internet Options -> Content and click the Settings button under Feeds. Make sure that the 'Turn on Feed Reading View' box is checked. Click OK and then OK again and click the link to the COM Audiocasts again.

    If you still cannot view feeds in Internet Explorer, call the COMIS helpdesk at 802-656-7300.

  6. But... I have a Mac (or I am somewhere that only has Internet Explorer 6). How can I get to the Audiocasts?

    We recently switched our recording format and you can now subscribe to the Audiocasts using iTunes.

  7. Can I use iTunes to subscribe to the Audiocasts?

    Yes, you can.The one rare exception is when a particularly important recording is missed and we import a lecture from before August of 2009. In that case, you would have to import the recordings to play them in iTunes. Instructions for importing College of Medicine Audiocasts into iTunes can be found here.

  8. Can I listen to the Audiocasts on my MP3 player?

    Yes. You just have to transfer them to your MP3 player like you would any other recording.

  9. Can I use a podcast accumulator to download the Audiocasts

    You can indeed. That was the original intent. We have tested a couple of podcast accumulators but iTunes is already part of the COMIS baseline, you might as well use that.

  10. How can I subscribe to an Audiocast?
    1. Log on to COMET, click on Courses and then the course name.
    2. Right click on the CoM Audiocasts button and select "Copy Shortcut"
    3. Open iTunes.
    4. Click on Advanced and then Subscribe to Podcast.
    5. Paste the URL into the Subscribe to Podcast box.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Open the Audicast by double clicking on it.

    To show new entries, right click on the Audiocast name and select Update Podcast.

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