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Technology Services

University of Vermont College of Medicine Technology Services

Technical Expertise

The UVM College of Medicine has built an information system offering a sophisticated level of connectivity and services for students, faculty and staff. With an internet connection any where in the world, COM users can access their email with the Outlook Web Application or open their web browser to use the Remote Desktop Server which has access to existing data and email. In addition, the Vermont Integrated Curriculum (VIC) utilizes COMET to provide medical students with access to online courses, interactive exercises, and reference materials.

COMIS Department

Information Systems

As medical education, research, and clinical care has moved towards greater use of information systems, it is more vital than ever that effective, efficient, and secure tools are in place and reflect current and future capacity. This system is designed to address this need.

Medical Photography and Digital Imaging

Medical Photography and Digital Imaging

The academic, research and clinical community are provided photographic and digital imaging services including studio, clinical and surgical photography, digital imaging and poster printing.

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Medical A/V

Audio-Visual Services

The Audio-Visual department at the College of Medicine can assist you with all of your multimedia needs. Our staff has a wide range of experience with all aspects of presentation technology.

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