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Bio for Mujde Z Erten, Ph.D.

Mujde Z Erten, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Health Economist
Department of Surgery

Contact Information
Office Location:
Surgery, Courtyard at Given S354


M.A., Economics, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 2007
Ph.D., Economics, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 2010

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery; Center for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, VT  2013 - Present

Post-doctoral Fellow
, Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research; University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Baltimore, MD 2010-2013

Awards and Honors

Rafael Lusky Prize - Best First Year Graduate Student , Department of Economics, University of Florida, FL  2004


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