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Dr. Kalev Freeman Awarded KO8 Grant

Dr. Kalev Freeman, a research assistant professor with the Department of Surgery, began with a goal to develop an academic research career as a physician-scientist. His laboratory focuses on understanding the fundamental changes that occur to vascular endothelium following traumatic brain injury (TBI). "We are using state-of-the art experimental techniques in magnetic resonance imaging, vascular biology, and ion channel physiology, in both human subjects and animal models, to elucidate the molecular mechanisms and functional consequences of the responses to trauma. The expected results from this research will ultimately improve care of patients with traumatic brain injury."

Dr. Freeman is currently focusing 80% of his effort towards the development of an independent research program in Trauma Physiology. Central to his research activity is a Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08) from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), titled “Endothelial Ca2+ signals and vasodilatory function after traumatic brain injury.” Working in the laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Mark Nelson, University Distinguished Professor and Chair of Pharmacology, this 5 year, $629,600 award will (1) enhance Dr. Freeman's technical background by learning state-of-the art vascular biology techniques, including calcium signaling, endothelial function, nitric oxide, and ion channels, (2) elucidate the molecular mechanisms and functional consequences of vascular responses to traumatic brain injury, and (3) provide career mentoring for transition to an independent tenure track position.

The remaining 20% of his effort is dedicated to teaching and performing clinical service
as a board-certified Emergency Physician.

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