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using the clinical simulation laboratory

Using the Clinical Simulation Laboratory

simulationThe design of each education event is a collaboration between the Clinical Simulation Laboratory, with its expertise in best practices for simulation, and the course director, who has the content expert and understands the needs and objectives of the planned event.




Course directors must complete the Request Form, below, with learning objectives, target learners, equipment and rooms required, expected number of participants, and requested dates.

The request will be evaluated, with a preliminary assessment of simulation techniques such as standardized patients, task trainers, or mannequins. The course director will then be contacted and the session will be created.

Priority for simulation activities will be given to classes or assessments that are needed for graduation or for credentialing. All other activities will be scheduled on a first come first served basis. Cancelations should be given within three working days. All activities must include a simulation technique: task trainers, virtual reality simulators, standardized patients, and/or high-fidelity mannequin simulators.

Simulation Request Form




LEARNERS (check all that apply)

Nursing Students   Nurses   Medical Students   EMT/Paramedic Students
Residents   Attendings   

SIMULATION TYPE (check all that apply)

Task Trainer    Hybrid     Mannequin
Virtual Reality   Standardized Patients     Not Sure

* = Required Field

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