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Publication in Nature
Dr. Richard Watts contributed to "Neuropsychosocial profiles of current and future adolescent alcohol misusers", published in the journal Nature (Whelan, Watts et al, 2014). This work was also featured in newspapers, television and radio, including the BBC.

Breast Health: Mammography Has Gone 3D
​There has been a lot of buzz recently about three-dimensional mammography, otherwise known as tomosynthesis. Sally Herschorn, MD, medical director of breast imaging, explains what tomosynthesis is -- and how it improves our ability to detect certain cancers. Read it on The University of Vermont Medical Center Blog.

First Registred Radiologist Assistant
Congratulations to Mary Streeter, RRA for her appointment as a first Registred Radiologist Assistant in Vermont.


Department of Radiology

Radiology University of Vermont College of Medicine

Academic and Clinical Excellence

Excellence in research, a commitment to exceptional patient care and investment in leading edge technology are the hallmarks of the Department of Radiology. Our residents and fellows collaborate with our world-class faculty to create a dynamic learning environment.

Radiology Resident

Residency Program

Our radiology residency accepts six candidates per year. Training at The University of Vermont Medical Center is supplemented by a two-month rotation in pediatric radiology at the Children's Hospital Boston and a four-week rotation at the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) in Washington, D.C.


The Department of Radiology is committed to bringing advanced imaging technology to the local community and beyond; utilizing cutting edge translation research to advance clinical care. Our vision is to integrate high quality affordable research, advance medical education and create the leading academic clinical research organization.



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