University of Vermont

Public Health Projects


In December of each year, community agencies receive a letter from the United Way of Chittenden County Volunteer Center and Course Director Dr. Jan Carney, inviting them to submit a project proposal (for the following fall), to address any area of public health or health need in the population(s) they serve.

The proposals are due in mid-February, and in May of their first year, medical students groups in the Professionalism, Communication, and Reflections first-year course have time to chose their Public Health Projects for the fall of their second year.

Students review one page summaries of public health projects (called project “skeletons”) and attend a Pizza Lunch and “Speed Networking” session, where 16 community agencies each have a table, and in an hour, student groups and agencies, quickly talk about the projects. The following week, student groups rank their project choices, and after a computer match, they are assigned an agency and project for the fall. Following a one-hour course orientation at the end of August, students meet with their UVM and community agency mentors, and begin their work. Student groups have time, on either a Wednesday or Friday afternoon to work on their projects, throughout the fall, and the course culminates in a Poster Session and Community Celebration each January.

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