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Healthy People 2020 Topic Areas

The Topic Areas of Healthy People 2020 identify and group objectives of related content, highlighting specific issues and populations. Each Topic Area is assigned to one or more lead agencies within the federal government that is responsible for developing, tracking, monitoring, and periodically reporting on objectives.

  1. Access to Health Services
  2. Adolescent Health
  3. Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Chronic Back Conditions
  4. Blood Disorders and Blood Safety
  5. Cancer
  6. Chronic Kidney Disease
  7. Dementias, Including Alzheimer’s Disease
  8. Diabetes
  9. Disability and Health
  10. Early and Middle Childhood
  11. Educational and Community-Based Programs
  12. Environmental Health
  13. Family Planning
  14. Food Safety
  15. Genomics
  16. Global Health
  17. Healthcare-Associated Infections
  18. Health Communication and Health Information Technology
  19. Health-Related Quality of Life and Well-Being
  20. Hearing and Other Sensory or Communication Disorders
  21. Heart Disease and Stroke
  22. HIV
  23. Immunization and Infectious Diseases
  24. Injury and Violence Prevention
  25. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health
  26. Maternal, Infant, and Child Health
  27. Medical Product Safety
  28. Mental Health and Mental Disorders
  29. Nutrition and Weight Status
  30. Occupational Safety and Health
  31. Older Adults
  32. Oral Health
  33. Physical Activity
  34. Preparedness
  35. Public Health Infrastructure
  36. Respiratory Diseases
  37. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  38. Sleep Health
  39. Social Determinants of Health
  40. Substance Abuse
  41. Tobacco Use
  42. Vision

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services November 2010

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