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Totman Annual Trustees Visit July 23, 2013

Totman Trustees and Researchers - L to R, Dr. Kalev Freeman, Dr. Joseph Brayden, Dr. Marilyn Cipolla, Ms. Arlene Howard, Dr. L. Fernando Santana, Dean Frederick Morin, Dr. George Wellman, Mr. Donald Stone, Dr. Wolfgang Dostmann, Dr. Mark Nelson, Mr. Jeffery Stone, Mr. Martin Goldenbaum, Mr. Brian Hughes, Atty, Dr. W. Jonathan Lederer

Progress in the area of Cerebrovascular research and future directions for research funded by the Totman Trust are highlighted every year during multiple presentations made to the Trustees.

Mr. Ray W. Totman became a friend of UVM when the University learned of his intention to establish a foundation that would benefit medical schools in the New England area, particularly UVM. Mr. Totman wanted his estate to be used to further medical research and to find solutions for health problems.

When Mr. Totman died in 1988, the UVM College of Medicine was bequeathed $150,000, with the possibility of additional funds with the proper proposals. All gifts were to be earmarked for clinical research in areas such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

The first gift to UVM was received in August 1989 in the amount of $250,000, at which time, UVM established the "Ray W. Totman and Ildah Totman Medical Research Fund." The Totman Lab was established in the Department of Pharmacology where it still resides under the supervision of Dr. Mark T. Nelson.

Since 1989, the College of Medicine has continued to receive annual gifts from the Totman Foundation. The Totman Trustees visit the Totman Lab annually in July.

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