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Frances Carr, Ph.D.

Frances Carr, Ph.D.

Department of Pharmacology

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1974  B.S., Biology and Psychology cum laude; Boston College, Chestnut Hill MA.

1980 Ph.D., Physiology & Biophysics/Molecular Endocrinology University of Illinois Medical Center Chicago IL

1980-1983 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Division of Endocrinology, U Minnesota, Minneapolis MN

1983-1984 Research Fellow in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School Boston MA

Academic Appointments

2005-present Professor, Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Member-Vermont Cancer Center, University of Vermont, Burlington VT

1999-2005 Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Binghamton University, State University of New York, Binghamton NY

1992-1999 Associate Professor (adjunct), Department of Pharmacology; Research Associate   Professor, Department of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of the Health   Sciences, Bethesda, MD

1987-1993 Director, Endocrine Research Division-Kyle Metabolic Unit, Department of Clinical Investigation, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington DC

1987-1992 Assistant Professor (adjunct), Department of Physiology;  Research Assistant Professor,  Department of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda MD

1985-1987 Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston MA

1986-1987 Instructor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA

1983-1987 Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA

1981-1983 Instructor, Department of Physiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

1978-1980 Instructor, Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, Illinois College of  Podiatric Medicine, Chicago, IL

Awards and Honors

1996 Meritorious Honor Award-U.S. Agency for International Development

1987-1994 Recipient of seven U.S. government Outstanding Performance Awards

1980-1983 National Research Service Award, National Institutes of Health

1979 & 1980 Sigma Xi Graduate Research Forum, First Awards


For a complete list of Frances Carr's publications, please visit PubMed

2015  Hanley JP, Jackson E, Morrissey LA, Rizzo DM, Sprague BL, Sarkar IN, Carr FE.  Geospatial and Temporal Analysis of Thyroid Cancer Incidence in a Rural Population.  Thyroid.  PMID:  25936441

2013 Krementsov DN, Katchy A, Case LK, Carr FE, Davis B, Williams C, Teuscher C.  Studies in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis do not support development bisphenol a exposure as an environmental factor in increasing multiple sclerosis risk.  Toxicol Sci.  doi:  10.1093/toxic/kft141.  PMID:  23798566, PMCID:  PMC3748766

2010 Zakrzewska EI, McKenzie A, White JH, Carr FE. Environmental toxins, bisphenol A (BPA) and dichlorodiphenyoldichloroethylene (DDE), disrupt thyroid hormone mediated events in rat pituitary GH3 cells. 14TH International Thyroid Congress, Paris, 2010.

2008 Zakrzewska EI, Bond JP, Carr FE. Microarray-based identification of putative biomarkers in follicular, papillary and anaplastic thyroid cancer. American Thyroid Association, Chicago IL, 2008.

1997  Carome MA, Kang Y-H, Bohen EM, Nicholson DE, Carr FE, Kiandoli LC, Brummel SE, Yuan CM.  Distribution of the cellular uptake of phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotides in the rat kidney in vivo. Nephron.  1997; 75(1):  82-87.  PMID:  9031275

1996  Dong Q, Brucker-Davis F, Weintraub BD, Smallridge RC, Carr FE, Battey J, Spiegel AM, Shenker A. Screening of candidate oncogenes in human thyrotroph tumors: absence of activating mutations of the G alpha q, G alpha 11, G alpha s or thyrotropin-relasing hormone receptor genes. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1996 Mar: 81(3):   1134-1140.  PMID:  8772588

1994  Kiang JG, Carr FE, Burns MR, McClain D.  HSP-72 synthesis is promoted by increase in [Ca2+]i or activation of G proteins but not pHi or cAMP.  Am J Physiol.  1994 Jul; 267(1 Pt1): C104-114.  PMID:  8048473

1994  Mengistu M, Lukes YG, Nagy EV, Burch HB, Carr FE, Lahiri S, Burman KD.  TSH receptor gene expression in retroocular fibroblasts. J. Endocrinol. Invest.  1994 Jun; 17(6): 437-441.  PMID:  7523481

1994  Carr FE, Wong NC.  Characteristics of a negative thyroid hormone response element. J. Biol. Chem.  1994 Feb 11;  269(6): 4175-4179.  PMID:  8307979