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Pharmacology Highlights

Drs. Thomas Heppner, Nathan Tykocki and Mark Nelson's research has made an important discovery that helps explain how we know when to empty our bladders and may lead to new therapeutic interventions for bladder dysfunction.

The Pharmacology Deparment announces a new course Medical Cannabis, that may be the first Medical School in the country to offer a course based on the science behind the use of medical marijuana.

The Department of Pharmacology announces a new Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) in Pharmacology and a new non-thesis Master's Program.

Dr. Mark T. Nelson's work on the Small Blood Vessel Research uncovers intervention opportunities for neurological disease. See more Leducq Center for Small Vessel Disease.

Dr. Wolfgang R. Dostmann's work helps identify the missing "Culprit" in Heart Failure.


Department of Pharmacology

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Pharmacology University of Vermont College of Medicine

Opening the mysteries of drug actions, discovering new therapies, and developing new medicinal products

Cardiovascular regulation, cell signaling, structural and cancer biology, and environmental toxicology are just a few interests of the faculty at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Vermont.

Students interested in the interaction of chemical substance with biological systems will benefit from direct contact with faculty researchers. Studies in Pharmacology at the College of Medicine serve medical and graduate students, post-doctoral trainees and undergraduates.

Learn more about Pharmacology as a Career.

Yao Li, Grad Student and Dr. Nuria Villalba-Isabel

Graduate Studies

The Pharmacology Department has joined the Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program for those Graduates interested in pursuing a Ph.D. The Pharmacology Department offers both a Thesis Research based Masters in Pharmacology and a Non-Thesis Masters in Pharmacology. We also offer an Accelerated Masters Program. We also offer an undergraduate 15-credit minor, course offerings include Toxicology, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Pharmacological Techniques and Medicinal Chemistry.

Laura Director, Ph.D.

Pharmacology Research

  • Brain and cerebral vascular studying the blood flow to the brain.
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Physiology
  • Signal transduction
  • Medicinal chemistry/cancer chemotherapy
  • Dr. Mark Nelson, Chair, lecturing

    Seminars and Research Forums

    As the host of the weekly Seminar Series and the annual trustees visit and retreat, the Pharmacology department has an active schedule of seminars and events.

    The Pharmacology Department hosts Research Forums monthly to encourage collaboration. Presentations are made by faculty and postdocs.

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