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Iwona A Buskiewicz, PhD

Iwona A Buskiewicz, PhD

Assistant Professor 
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Contact Information
Office Location:
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Given Bldg, Rm D211


1996 – 2000  M.Sc. in Chemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University,
Poznan, Poland and Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science, Poznan, Poland
2000 – 2005  Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, University of Witten / Herdecke, Germany.
Functional conformation of the Signal Recognition Particle from Escherichia coli.
Thesis advisors: Prof. Wolfgang Wintermeyer and Prof. Marina Rodnina.

Academic Appointments

2013-present Junior Faculty, Department of Medicine, Vermont Center for Immunology and Infectious
Diseases, Center of Biological Research Excellence (VCIID-COBRE), University of Vermont
2012-present Research Associate College of Medicine, Department of Pathology, University of Vermont
2012-present Graduate Faculty, University of Vermont
2009-2012 Research Associate, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Vermont

Awards and Honors

2000-2004 Konrad-Schily-Foundation Fellowship NRW, Germany
2003 Best Graduate Research Award - University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany
2000 Distinguished Research Award for Master Thesis, PAN, Poland
1996-2000 Honorary Stipend of the Polish Ministry of Science for Undergraduate Research


2013 Buskiewicz IA, Huber SA, Moussawi M, Roberts B, Russell JQ, Shi C, Koenig A, Lee SH, Jung JU,
and Budd RC. Cellular Flip Short Increases Susceptibility to Myocarditis from Coxsackievirus B3
(2013) PlOS Pathogens in re-submission
2013 Buskiewicz IA, Huber SA. (2013) MDA5: The Almighty for the Myocardium. Circulatio Heart Failure.
Under Review

2012 Buskiewicz IA, Koenig A, Huber SA, Budd RC. Caspase-8 and FLIP regulate RIG-I/MDA5-induced
innate immune host responses to picornaviruses. In press: Future Virol. 7(12), XXX–XXX (2012).

2012 Buskiewicz  IA  and  Burke  JM.  (2012)  Folding  of  the  hammerhead  ribozyme:  Pyrrolo-cytosin
fluorescence separates core folding from global folding and reveals a pH-dependent conformation
change. RNA 18:434-48.

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