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Bio for Mark Evans, Ph.D.
Mark Evans, Ph.D.

Mark Evans, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Scientific Director of the Experimental Pathology Laboratory
Department of Pathology

Contact Information
Office Location:
Given Bldg, Rm D211


1991-1996 Ph.D. University of Hertfordshire in collaboration with University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Pathology, UK
1978 -1982 University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, UK Honors Degree: Human Biology

Research Interests

The Experimental Pathology Laboratory (EPL) is a facility for pathology attendings, residents and medical students to pursue academic research. Short and medium-term projects addressing translation research questions relevant to a broad range of pathological conditions are in progress. The EPL also provides support to the wider clinical research community at UVM/FAHC sharing its experience in the handling and analysis of pathology specimens and playing a part in multi-center grant funded projects. The laboratory has specialized in developing and optimizing PCR, immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization assays, and also has a particular interest in human papillomaviruses (HPV) and cervical disease.

Academic Appointments

2000 – Present Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, Division of Experimental Pathology, University of Vermont, Burlington, USA
1996 - 1999 Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Department of Pathology, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool, UK
1985 - 1996 Graduate Research Assistant, Nuffield Department of Pathology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford,UK


2012   Brooks EG, Evans MF*, Adamson CS, Peng Z, Rajendran V, Laucirica R, Cooper K.  In situ hybridization signal patterns in recurrent laryngeal squamous papillomas indicate that HPV integration occurs at an early stage. Head Neck Pathol. 2012;6: 32-7.  (* joint first author)

2011 EkalaksanananT, Pientong C, Kongyingyoes B, Chaiwongkot A, Yuenyao P, Kleebkaow P, Kritpetcharat O, Evans MF.  Combined p16INK4a and Human Papillomavirus Testing Improves the Prediction of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN II-III) in Thai Patients with Low-Grade Cytological Abnormalities. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2011;12:1777-83.

2011   Evans MF, Matthews A, Kandil D, Adamson CS,Trotman WE, Cooper K. Discrimination of 'driver' and 'passenger' HPV in tonsillar carcinomas by the polymerase chain reaction, chromogenic in situ hybridization, and p16(INK4a) Immunohistochemistry.  Head Neck Pathol. 2011;5:344-8.

2011   Conant JL, Peng Z, Evans MF, Naud S, Cooper K. Sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma is an example of epithelial-mesenchymal transition. J Clin Pathol. 2011;64:1088-92.

2011   Winters R, Trotman W, Adamson CS,Rajendran V, Tang A, Elhosseiny A, Evans MF. Screening for human papillomavirus in basaloid squamous carcinoma: utility of p16INK4a, CISH, and PCR. Int J Surg Pathol. 2011;19:309-14.

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