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Masters Program Faculty

The Master of Science in Pathology program is administered by the Department of Pathology at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

  • Dr. David Yandell is the program director. The program director has primary responsibility for all administrative aspects of the program, and for interaction with the Graduate College.
  • Dr. Albert Van der Vliet serves as co-director in the absence of the director.
  • Administrative support is provided by Ms. Dawn Richardson and Ms. Brenda Shinosky.
  • Operational decisions and plans are made by a Pathology Masters Program Committee that includes the director and co-director as well as Dr. Douglas Taatjes (Director of the Imaging Facility), Dr. Mark Evans (Director of Experimental Pathology), and Dr. Yvonne Janssen-Heininger (Director of Environmental Pathology).

The student’s mentor supervises the student’s training and progress including both academic and laboratory-based activities, and is the primary faculty member responsible for progress and advancement of MS trainees. Mentors for students in the MS in Pathology program must be members of the UVM Graduate College, but do not necessarily need to have a primary academic appointment in Pathology.

The student is supported by a Studies (Thesis) Committee including the mentor and at least two other faculty members.

  • At least two members of the committee must be from the Department of Pathology.
  • One member of the thesis committee must be from outside the Department of Pathology and will serve as the Chairperson for thesis committee meetings and the thesis defense.

The thesis committee is chosen in consultation with the mentor and members of the Pathology Masters Program Committee; members are selected so as to complement and support the scientific, laboratory or academic needs of the proposed program of study and topical areas of focus. The thesis committee meets together with the student at least once per year, and is required to monitor and report on progress in an annual progress report filed with the MS Program Director.

Many different members of the UVM Graduate College faculty have served as mentors for MS in Pathology students. Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore web-based Profiles of Pathology Department faculty, as well as faculty listings and resources of other departments within the College of Medicine, depending on their area of interest, as a starting point for identifying a possible mentor. Alternatively, prospective applicants may contact the Program Director for suggestions about possible mentors who might fit well with their career goals or plans.

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