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Biomechanics Research

The Ponseti Method for correcting clubfeet was originally described using plaster casts to precisely mold the foot. Similarly, infants with dislocated hips were treated with plaster hip spica casts to precisely mold the hip following closed reduction. Recently, clinicians have adopted newer patient friendly cast materials using waterproof fiberglass and easily removable soft casts. Several studies have reported success with these newer casts, but the ability to precisely mold with these newer casts is unknown. This study uses 2- and 6-inch diameter foam models chosen because they have similar compliance to a newborn’s foot and a child’s thigh. Two different molding forces were applied to a small and large surface area and evaluated on the two models using plaster, fiberglass and soft cast. The hypothesis is that when molding a cast, plaster is superior to fiberglass and soft cast.

  • What is the Best Cast for Infants with Clubfeet or Dislocated Hips?
    Principal Investigator: Steven Bradley Daines, MD

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