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Ian Stokes, PhD

Ian Stokes, PhD

Research Professor Emeritus
Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine

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PhD: Biomechanics, Polytechnic of Central London (1971-1975)
BA: Engineering Science, Trinity College, Cambridge (1968-1971)

Awards and Honors

2006-2007 University Scholar in recognition of sustained excellence in research and scholarly activities


2006-2010: NIH R01 AR 053132 "Progressive scoliosis deformity in intervertebral disc", PI: Ian A. Stokes
2002-2008: NIH R01 AR 40909 "Mechanism of Specific Trunk Exercises in Low back Pain", PI: Sharon M. Henry
2003-2007: NIH R01 AR 049370 "An integrated model of intervertebral disc function", PI: Ian A. Stokes
1999-2004: NIH K01 AR 02048 "Load induced disc degeneration in a rat tail model", PI: James Iatridis (Stokes was Mentor)
1999-2003: NIH R01 46543 "Mechanical Modulation of Growth in Physes", PI: Ian A. Stokes
1999-2003: NIH R01 AR 44119-05 "Stability of muscular loading of the lumbar spine", PI: Ian A. Stokes


Stokes IAF, McBride C, Aronsson DD, Roughley PJ. Intervertebral disc changes with angulation, compression and reduced mobility simulating altered mechanical environment in scoliosis. Eur Spine J 2011;20(10:1735-44.

Stokes IAF, Gardner-Morse M, Henry SM. Abdominal muscle activation increases lumbar spinal stability: Analysis of contributions of different muscle groups. Clin Biomech 2011;26:797-803.

Aronsson DD, Stokes IAF. Nonfusion treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis by growth modulation and remodeling. J Pediatr Orthop 2011;31(1 Suppl):S99-106.

Stokes IA, Laible JP, Gardner-Morse MG, Costi JJ, Iatridis JC. Refinement of elastic, poroelastic, and osmotic tissue properties of intervertebral disks to analyze behavior in compression. Ann Biomed Eng 2011 Jan;39(1):122-31.

Grivas TB, de Mauroy JC, Negrini S, Kotwicki T, Zaina F, Wynne JH, Stokes IAF et al. Terminology - glossary incljuidng acronyms and quotations in use for the conservative spinal deformities treatment: 8th SOSORT consensus paper. Scoliosis 2010 Nov 2;5:23.

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