University of Vermont

College of Medicine

Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation


Residency Program - Current Residents of 2019

  • David Christensen, MD, University of Minnesota
  • Amanda Moyer, MD, The Commonwealth Medical College
  • Peter Shorten, MD, Wright State University

Class of 2018

  • John P. Brunkhorst, MD, University of Minnesota
  • Robert C. Jacobs, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Nathan S. Mauser, University of Kentucky Louisville

Class of 2017

  • Christopher P. Birch, MD, University of California San Diego
  • Jesse D. Chlebeck, MD, University of Washington
  • Scott M. Wasilko, MD, University of Vermont of 2016

  • Alex C. Lesiak, MD, University of Nebraska
  • Bryan Monier, MD, University of Texas San Antonio
  • Michael P. Wright, MD, University of Washington of 2015

  • Jeffrey Coppage, MD, St. Louis University
  • Michael G. Fitzgerald, MD, SUNY Upstate Syracuse
  • Jessie W. Janowski, MD, University of Vermont



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